Monday, March 9, 2009

How To Clean Crabs

And now, you will have to clean the crabs before cooking it for consumption. You don't want to eat dirty crabs now, do you?

Start from the bottom part. Rip off the tummy cover so that it would be easier to crack open the shell and the body.


After that, rip open the shell and the body part to separate em. You will see the inner parts and that needs to be cleaned.

Rip open


Chop the crab into half and start the cleaning process. Use a brush if you have to. Be hygiene mmmmkay...





Now, there is just one more thing. You need to tear off the head part of the shell to clean it. Just press on the top and pull.

Pull out

That is basically how crabs are cleaned. Chop the rest of the crabs and clean em. You have the choice to steam the crabs or just put em in the oven.

There is no need for any seasonings if your crabs are fresh. Fresh seafood are best savored fresh and with its original taste.

Cleaned Crabs

Cooked Crabs

That is the end of the crab posts.

Happy Crab-ing.



  1. TINTIN: I like eating crabs also....obviously... =)

  2. Hi!...i just visit your blog.. hahha nice tutorial on how to clean a crabs.. oh ya.. i notice your blog don't have recent comments widget..want insert it? just click on my name tag (Alexl) thanks.. nice to know your blog.. oh im from kch too :)


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