Thursday, March 5, 2009

How to Slaughter Crabs

Alright, this is a post on crabs again.

After you checked the gender of your favorite crabs, you will want to proceed to slaughter aka kill aka take their life away in order to cook em. If not, what for you buy crabs for? For fun is it?

To kill your food first is the humane thing to do mmmmmkay, at the very least give them a fast death instead of just cooking em alive. Oh, you cruel cruel sadistic human you.

So, giving your food or in this case crabs a fast and honorable death is the humane and right thing to do first before proceeding to cook em.
(Remember kids, don't try this at home. If you have crab cravings or fetish, go to your nearest friendly neighborhood restaurant. Ahem.)

Done with the introduction, lets move on with the actual crab slaughter mmmkay?

First of all, identify your victims crabs. For the sake of example, this is Mr. Crab. Say hello to Mr. Crab.

Hello Mr. Crab

Flip over the crab to expose its tummy and you will see the cover-like shell that indicates its a male or female. Open the cover to see the inner tummy.



Now, get a chopstick or something sharp and proceed to drive it into the middle of the tummy to kill it fast and clean.

Exactly like how you would drive a stake into the heart of a vampire to kill it. Same method. And no, garlic would not kill the crab nor prevent it from pinching you if the pincer is free.

Drive it into the middle of the tummy

A Close Up

Left the crab for a while to make sure it is really dead. It would not be a pretty sight if the crab somehow manage to pinch you with the menacing pincers before it dies because it would be hard to remove em. So be warned.

Life slowly oozing out

Lifeless crab corpses

Now, the crabs are ready to be cleaned and prepared to make a delicious crab dish of which would be shown in the next post.

Cleaning and preparing the crabs are not easy mmmmkay. There is an ancient forbidden technique to do it. So, wait for the next post. Ahem.

Happy Slaughtering.


  1. Dont untie the string immediately, the crab will still move after u stab on it

  2. i dun use chopsticks. everytime just straight chop the body into half. kills it instantly and makes cleaning easier too


  3. horizon: Yeah, true...

    Ashley Two Fish: Woh, what brute strength...heh.. =p


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