Thursday, March 19, 2009

Kelvin Ng aka Gui7Nan

Oh well, this has been quite a hoo haa for quite sometime already. Man go fool around, Man got discovered by wife, Wife screams divorce, Man promised to change and repent.

By kneeling under the sun on a busy and sunny day, expressed his feelings in a video and even blogs about it that goes by the nickname Gui7Nan.

Here you go, the video.

Kelvin Ng aka Gui7Nan

Maybe it's just me but that guy doesn't seems too sincere in the video. Oh well, maybe that IS his sincere face. Ahem.

So guys, don't go fool around alright? If you are married that is. Marriage is a lifetime commitment. A promise of a lifetime.

Unless of course if you are single. Go fool around for all you like. Go make love like mad humping bunnies and no one will care. Just make sure that they are not married or you will also be in deep shit.

Like what is written in the ten commandment.

Thou shall not go and "kau sua" other people husband/wife

Stay Smart.

Stay Safe, mmmmkay.

P/s: "kau sua" means flirting. Sort of.

This is an update. Found the Kneeling at Dataran Petaling Jaya Video. Ahem.

跪妻男 Gui 7 Nan @ Dataran Petaling Jaya, Opposite AmCorp Mall, 7th March 2008 - For more funny videos, click here


  1. totally agree with you~!!!
    At first when i read the article, i feel pity on the man but then when i read his wife's statement, i also understand why his wife doesnt want to forgive him ...

    As you said, why he want to commit adultery in the beginning and not only once somemore..~ We, as a woman, have our own limit of toleration too..

  2. In short, hell hath no fury like a woman scorned... =)..Don't mess with women. Ahem


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