Monday, March 23, 2009

Gary Ng aka garyng174 Blog

By now you should have known about this so called Gary Ng aka garyng174 for his sexual activities.

Seems like he is very comfortable with his sexuality and no, you will not see him clearly in person in the video since he would probably be caught by the authority if not murdered first by the Singaporeans if he reveal his identity.


Look at his long list of conquests. Ahem.

SG Mother
SG Daughter
SG Cosmetic Girl
SG Friend's Niece
SG Beer Auntie
SG Pub Waitress
SG Housewife
SG Choa Chu Kang Girl
SG Choa Chu Kang Girl 2
SG Office Girl
SG Downtown East Chalet
SG Cousin
SG Student
SG Banker
SG Bikini Girl
SG Amelia

See, Singapore also very the happening mmmmmkay. Ahem.

See for yourself the videos at his blog titled "Sex is a Natural Part of Life, Love It". Even the title is original. Ahem.

Please be warned that the videos in his blog is definitely Not-Safe-For-Work aka NSFW.

There you have it. Gary Ng aka garyng174 Blog.

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