Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Male and Female Crab

Now, I am pretty sure not many of you knows how to differentiate a male crab with a female crab. Male Crab aka Crab that don't lay eggs and Female Crab aka Crab that lay eggs. Ahem

So, how do you actually differentiate the gender?

After reading this post, you will know how to do so. Now you can show off to your friends and not to mention girls. Chick dig nerds ya know. Sort of. Ok, make that chicks dig guys with vast knowledge. Somewhere along that line I am sure.

Back to the post. The following is a crab just in case you never seen one. Ahem. Kidnapped and all tied up.

This is a Crab

There is just one thing to check which is very obvious. Flip the crab over to check out its belly.

This is a MALE Crab
Male Crab

This is a FEMALE Crab
Female Crab

There you have it.

Now you know how to choose your crabs.

Normally if you like crab eggs, you will want to choose the female crabs for consumption.

Happy Crab Checking.

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