Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Puppies Alert 2

Tinkerbell is pregnant a while ago all thanks to Princeton and just before the Chinese New Year. Tinkerbell gave birth to two cute lovely puppies. One male and one female. Dragon and Pheonix birth yo. Sort of.

Oh ya, New Year Puppies. Must be lucky one. Fatt ah, Money come money come. Ahem.

For those who have no clue what Tinkerbell and Princeton are then look at the previous 1st puppies birth posts:

There you have it, all the previous posts on the 1st batch of puppies. The first version. So, this time around it is Puppeh V2.0 yo.

I iz teh cuteh

Same caption as above

I iz a bear. Roar. Or is it Rawr?

Still brand new fresh from the factory. Even the eyes haven't open yet. Ahem.

That is all for now.

More to come.

Stay Tuned.

Till then,

Woof Woof.


  1. Urm, I mean no offence but try to avoid getting your dog pregnant back to back - it's bad for her health and for her future litters (she will have less per litter and some may not survive to maturity or have health problems) in the long run.

    It's like human beings - a woman who is constantly pregnant, one after another, is more likely to suffer from health problems and have a weaker body compared to one who is on family planning.

    If you don't intend to neuter her in the future, then keep her away from Princeton AT ALL TIMES when she is in heat. You'll know when you see her bleed - she'll come into heat right after that.


  2. None taken. Thanks for the advice yeah... Actually this is the last time cuz she will be neutered.. That's the planning anyway.



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