Thursday, February 5, 2009


Sighted and Identified in Perak.

Yep. Big Frogs. Jumping Around. Ribbit, Ribbit, Ribbit.

Heck, from the looks of it. It seems that there will be more frogs jumping around. It's possible.


Oh, I get it.

It's a frog season now. Ahem.

Froggy is the new IN thing yo.

Sort of.

Ribbit away.


Frog Season ho.

Quite delicious also mmmmkay.

Looks like KFC. Well, in this case it should be KFF. Kentucky Fried Frog. Ka Ching!!!!!. Now why have I not think of that before? Making a franchise of fried frogs surely going to be a hit. Based on KFC model. KFF for sure will be profitable. Woot. I am gonna be so rich.

Frogs are delicious mmmmkay.

Died aka Frog Soup
Ok, maybe not.


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