Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Improving the Economy

How on earth the economy going to improve if people stopped spending?

You might as well go and plant some vegetables, fruits and go rear some chickens. Self sustain mah.

Come on lah.

People need to spend to contribute to the economy. Get the economy stimulated so to speak.

Not on credit of course. That would only make things worst.

So,start spending now people especially the rich ones. Ahem.

Either way, you are fucked.

So might as well take your chances. Right?


Don't know how to spend and what to spend on?

But still wanted to contribute to the economy and improve the economy?

Fret not cuz BenardCometh is here.

Send your moolah/dough/$$$$/money to Yours Truly right now and he will help you spend the money.

No strings attached.

No service charges.

No hidden charges.

All in the name of humanity.

To improve the economy.

For the good of everyone.


What are you waiting for?

Do your part in contributing to the economy and improving it.

Start sending now. Ahem.

When the economy improves.

You good, I good, Everybody good. Ahem.

Send to the BenardCometh Improve the Economy Fund.

Act fast now.

Be the first 1000 people.

And you will receive a special gift.

The gift of being noted in the history.

As the first 1000 people who wants to improve the economy and advert the recession,

By sending money to the BenardCometh Improve the Economy Fund.


Oh ya, just one more thing.

Credit cards are not accepted.

Cash Term Only.



  1. i just sent you all my cash.
    have you received it?
    no? oh dang, must have got stuck somewhere,
    since cash term only.


  2. Thank You, I received it already... I will put it to good use...

    Thank you... Now others, keep sending please... think of mankind... wan womankind... Ahem



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