Friday, February 13, 2009

Bankers Harakiri


That is exactly what those bankers should do to be able to live with the shame. Or in this case, die with a little bit of dignity left.

That is what those olden samurai would do in old Japan. They would rather commit harakiri than to live with the shame.

But then again, that is olden samurais in old Japan. How many in Japan would still uphold that code of honor nowadays? Ahem.

Anyway, this is not about Japan. This is about some bankers in the west who despite of the looming recession, still takes home huge paychecks and bonuses. Real huge. Ahem.

The bonuses and paycheck would really be justified if those bankers improved the economy or in this sense, helped advert the recession. But its the opposite. Oh, the shame.

And just by saying sorry would not do any good either. Say sorry after taking home those huge paycheck and bonuses eh.

Which left you guys the only option. Harakiri or the Seppuku. Ahem

Then you will be able to die with dignity instead of living with the shame your entire life.

Yeah right. You wish.

Even if you do the harakiri or seppuku ten times over also would not be of any use.

Better find ways to solve the problems at hand rather than just saying sorry eh. Just saying sorry is cheap. Heck, anyone who have those paycheck and bonuses and make mistakes of that scale and yet not saying sorry would be like signing their death certificate. Ahem.

That is all lah, don't wanna rant anymore. I could go on and on and on.

And oh, there is one more thing.

From the news a while back, those automakers in the US all waiting for bailouts from the government can also do the harakiri or seppuku if they want. Go right ahead.

What the hell is wrong with these people? Already asking for bailouts and their top managements still flying around in their private jets? Go on holiday some more? Ask for bailouts to sponsor their lifestyle is it?


Come spell with me. H.A.R.A.K.I.R.I or S.E.P.P.U.K.U.

Come on and do the HA~ RA~ KI~ RI~

Come on and do the HA~ RA~ KI~ RI~

**background music YMCA song**

p/s: Please do not do the harakiri aka the seppuku at home kids. That should only be done in the presence of qualified professionals. Alright?

p/s/s: BenardCometh Revelations does not condone senseless violence and also taking the easy way out by ending your life. Life is precious. Treasure it. Cherish it. Amen.

p/s/s: I have edited the post. The updates are in red mmmkay. Apparently somebody felt insulted and email me saying that I am inconsiderate. Ahem. People, try to take this post light-heartedly mmmkay. Smile. Why so serious? Ahem


  1. Agreed. Lets not take the easy way out by ending your life.

    Take the hard way out! SEPPUKKU & HARAKIRI, the slow way!!!


  2. As you cut stop and examine the wound, if its not deep enough, make sure its deeper... heh heh heh... Oh I am such a sadist...


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