Monday, February 23, 2009

DIY Change Casio Scientific Calculator Battery

It is quite surprising that there are some people who don't even know how to do basic maintenance or basic repairs of the stuff they have. You spoilt brat you. Ahem. That includes changing batteries of their electronic devices.

Fret not as the resident handyman aka jack of all trades at BenardCometh Revelations will show you how to DIY change the battery of your Casio Scientific Calculator. If you have one that is.

Why Casio Scientific Calculator? Well, it is common and being common means a lot of people own one. Then there is this perception that Casio Scientific Calculator is like the Ferrari of calculators, sort of. Or maybe not.

Anyway, yours truly owns one, In fact he owns a couple of em Ferrari. Changing batteries should not differ much from the different brands of calculator.

For those thinking, "ha I own a solar powered scientific calculator you morons!!!!". Well, good for you. Good for you. -_-"

Lets get on with it shall we?

The only tool you will need is the Philips Head Screwdriver and of course the replacement battery. I got a whole lot of em at some discount store for quite cheap. RM2 for the lot. Cheap stuff.

Philips Head Screwdriver


Alright, take your calculator out and make sure you give it a look through to identify where the battery compartment is located.

In my Ferrari case ahem calculator case, flip back the calculator and the battery compartment is located at the top back with two screws fastened to it.

Casio Scientific Calculator

The battery compartment

Unscrew the screw by unscrewing it with the screwdriver. Ha, a mouthful. Ahem. Back to the post, after you unscrew the screws, open up the cover by sliding it upwards then the battery shall magically reveal itself to you.

Proceed to pick out the dead battery and put in a new one. Of course the battery must be dead already, if not why are you even changing the battery? Just for fun is it?

Dead battery

Put in new battery

Put back the cover and screw on the screws by using the screwdriver. **screws**.

There you have it and congrats for changing the battery all by yourself. Be proud of yourself and give yourself a pat on the back.

You big boy you.


You big girl you.


  1. Haha okay I'm a spoilt brat. I googled this -blushes-
    Thanks for the lesson!

  2. Hi there, I have been searching high and low on how to change the battery of my scientific calculator. Do you happen to know how to change the battery for Casio fx-991MS? I am able to unscrew all the screws, yet, I have difficulty in splitting the two components (Back and front)of the calculator :(

    Thanks :)

  3. ur so sarcastic and hilarious. ahem.

  4. For Casio fx-991MS, after taking out all 5 screws, you can take off the back cover by sliding it up, instead of lifting it up.

  5. fx-991MS difficult to open....plz help

  6. I agree some people always rely on other people for fixing simple things which they can do by themselves.

  7. how do you take the battery out? a part of the battery is still covered by plastic.

  8. Hi. My Casio fx-115n now only works under direct sunlight. I suspect the battery (lithium GR927) needs replacing. The instructions say take to retailer but can you advise how to change it myself? Many thanks. Mark

  9. Hi. Bought a replacement Casio fx-115n which only works in direct sunlight. I suspect the battery (lithium GR927) needs replacing. Although the manual recommends I take it to a retailer could you advise if/how I could do this myself please. Thanks

  10. Hi, bought a replacement secondhand Casio fx-115n but it only works under direct bright sunlight. I think the battery (lithium GR927) may need replacing. Although the manual recommends I take it to a dealer could you advise if/how I could change it myself please? Thanks

  11. Hello there tq for your information but may i know where did you bought the battery?Actually i didn'nt use my old scientific calcultor since i finish my high school.Although i further my studies i don't need to use the calculator before but now i need to use it for my statistic subject,that why i want to know where did you buy the battery tq :)

    1. I bought that cheap at those Super Save stores. Mr DIY should also have those.


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