Wednesday, March 12, 2008

10 signs your manager is an ASS

I believe that most people would encounter situation where their manager is an ASS at least once at a point in their career. Correct me if I am wrong.

Now, how to identify whether your manager is an ASS? From the conversation I had with a considerable amount of people, I can safely list out 10 signs your manager is an ASS. So, normally if you see more than 1 sign 5 signs in the list in your manager then sorry to say that your manager is an ASS.

So, here goes the 10 signs your manager is an ASS.

Sign 1 : Gives unreasonable orders
This means UNREASONABLE orders. I know you know what I mean by that.

Sign 2 : Live in the past
Keep on bringing past issues to compare with and keep on talking about the things in the past.

Sign 3 : No initiative to upgrade knowledge/skills
Always says that it is impossible to learn anymore due to the age factor and also the busy factor.

Sign 4 : Condemn everyone
Nobody can perform up to the expectation or everyone is not qualified enough except for self of course.

Sign 5 : Self pity
Keep on talking about self not being appreciated, lots of works, compensation not enough to gain sympathy.

Sign 6 : Talk rubbish
More like gibberish. Doesn't make sense most of the time as keep on contradicting with self.

Sign 7 : Back stabbing all colleagues (Even they are his family members and friends)
Yes, even own relatives and friends are not spared. Stab stab stab. At the back that is.

Sign 8 : Refuse to accept changes
Doesn't like changes even though the changes are for the best. Changes is seen as something unstable.

Sign 9 : Inferiority complex
Surprised? Yes, they also have inferiority complex where they HAVE to force on something to show power JUST to PROVE themselves. Don't ever want to listen or take suggestion as it is seen as reinforce the inferiority complex. And of course the scared being replaced by younger lower ranking staff.

Sign 10 : Self Worship
Lastly, worship self. Like Ohm Ohm Ohm, looks in the mirror and bow down to self worship. Meaning that assume that it is impossible for self to make mistake or error and that self is always right.

Mr. Manager Sir

There, done with the 10 signs your manager is an ASS. What do you think? Any more additions? Anyone want to refute the 10 signs mentioned?

Maybe you do not agree and think that managers should self worship and be an egoistic bastard? Well, you have your own reason I believe and for that I shall respect your reasons. You are crazy, quickly check in yourself in a mental asylum aka psychiatric hospital before you start to bite people.


  1. Sign 11: Has pointy hair

    Any Dilbert fans here? :-P

  2. sign 12: always complaint people come in late while he himself comes even more late than others

  3. This is a very interesting post. I resigned mostly also because of my manager. Checking through your lists I found that my manager got 1,2,3,4,7,8,9...

    I understand that no people is perfect la.. Hope she learnt la

  4. Tsk, tsk, from experience? :P

  5. Totalllyyyyy Agreeee with your point~~~ and i am glad that i had resigned and dont have to face this kind of "ASS" manager coz reli piss me off.....


  6. joyfulchicken: Oh ya, I missed that out... =p

    yipguseng: Heh, yeah...always.. =p

    keeyit: Oh, then it is quite difficult working in that environment.

    宝茹: From listening... =p

    Nux V: That means you also have the same experience?

    -et3rnal-: Good for you...


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