Thursday, January 3, 2008

Dabai Fruit

As requested by yipguseng, the picture of "Ma Wan" have been uploaded at the end of this post

Got myself some dabai fruits to consume. It's has been quite a long time since I last tasted the dabai fruit.
Foochows call this fruit as "Ka Lang".

So, do you know what are dabai fruits? It is a common fruit that can only be found in Sarawak and Brunei (If I am not mistaken). Looks like olives but definitely NOT olives. Done some searching and found out that the scientific name for the fruit is Canarium odontophyllum.

Imagine if the scientific name is the only name it goes by. So it will be like, I go and buy some Canarium odontophyllum, Canarium odontophyllum is delicious, I would like to eat Canarium odontophyllum,Canarium odontophyllum...... Canarium odontophyllum..... Canarium odontophyllum..... Canarium odontophyllum..... Canarium odontophyllum..... Canarium odontophyllum..... Canarium odontophyllum.... Canarium odontophyllum.... Cana~~~~..... -_-"
Thank god for common names.

So, here's a picture of Dabai Fruit or locally known as Buah Dabai.

You cannot eat the fruit off the tree just like that. Dabai fruits are white in color when it is not ripe and turns into blue-black when it is ripe. The flesh inside is yellow and it has a three angled seed.

So, how to prepare the fruit? You will need to soak them in hot water until the flesh softens. After that, add some soy sauce or salt or sugar depending on individual preferences. Normally, I would eat it with soy sauce + sugar or only soy sauce.

Not only the skin and flesh is edible but the kernel (insides of the seed) is edible. You will have to chop the seed into half then use a toothpick or something to dig the white edible thingy.

That is about all on Dabai fruits. More pictures


A bowl of Dabais

Single Dabai waiting to be sacrificed

The Dabai's flesh

This is normally what you get when you eat Dabai halfway

This is seed

Seed chopped into half
(see the white edible thingy?)

Use something to pick em out

There you have it.

***Interesting to note that I found some eating places included dabai in their menu. Food like Nasi Goreng Dabai (Dabai Fried Rice) and Mee Goreng Dabai (Dabai Fried Noodle). Hmmm, I wonder whether there are any Dabai Ice Cream? Should have an interesting taste.***

The "Ma Wan" as requested. I did not manage to take the picture of the whole fruit but here, the slices. Should be from the mango family.


  1. Dabai fruit? never heard of it before -_____-"

  2. eww !! don't left the sacrificed-dabai halfway like that !! but the end-product sure looks kinda seductive. hehe. crunchy ??

  3. argghh, the seed can eat somemore!!! hey, heard that the seed can become very soft when put in warm water?

    eiei, my friend told me got 1 type of mango, ppl call "cat ball" wan, fookchow is wat "mou wan" ar? any chance of showing it? let us open-eye-world:D

  4. Me too, never heard of it~~ So I tried to google it, guess what site came out? Hehehehe~~

  5. babyfiona: Now you heard of it... =p

    levian: I can't resist showing you people.... Yep, crunchy like.

    yipguseng: Yes, it can be eaten...Like the cempedak also which the seeds can be eaten. Oh, I think i know what you want and I think I have the pictures...Will try to post.... Need to search for it first... Anyway, in Foochow it is pronounced as "Ma Wan". At least that is how it is pronounced here... =p

  6. din heard this fruit before... but the seed looks like almond oh

  7. hmm interesting, i never heard nor ate one before...

  8. MerDuriaN: Hmmm, almond... It is way harder than almond. =p

    Sunshine: So, now you heard bout it. =p

  9. it's one of my fav 'fruit'. sibu dabai is the best they say. usu come around together with durian season as well as buah 'mengkalak' (the pinkish fruit with yellowish green flesh). thanks for writing this in your blog. nice pictures =)

  10. i am eating dabai while reading your article.

  11. well,i never c dabai in kch b4 nt until i went to sibu.its only found at the northern area of sarawak n normally sold at the price frm RM6 to 10 per kg.i think its rather expensive

  12. suemitsu shota: Glad you liked it.. Dabai is my favorite too. =)

    Anon: Cool... =)

    applemag: I think you cant find it in Kuching. =)

  13. oh..nice..i will be doin my 3rd year thesis bout production of biolubricant based on oil frm dabai's seed..haha.. may i know where can i get or buy this fruit in a big amount? it is seasonal? thx.. ^^

  14. Swan: Probably your best bet is to go to Sibu to search for it. Or go to Sarikei or Bintagor. Probably will be hard to find it in Kuching. And yes, it is seasonal.

    Hope that helps

  15. wow, sarawak! that's far..anyway,thanks for the useful infos. =P

  16. OH MY GOD, I love the insides of dabai seed. This fruit truly is

  17. I love dabai...but now, its still expensives...waiiting when it will be cheaper..hhuhu...

  18. If sarawak call it "Dabai" we(Sabah) call it "kembayau". This fruit easy to find at Sepitang, sabah near to lawas, sarawak. if cometh really like dabai fruit so do i ^_^



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