Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Pizza Hut Sucks

Yours Truly should have learned a lesson by now judging from the previous post titled Avoid Pizza Hut Seafood Lasagna.

But Nooo~~~, Yours Truly still want to drag his itchy ass to Pizza Hut again after being seduced/tempted by the new pizza illustration. Darn, yours truly should have known better. Franchise mah, sure when one branch suck, all will follow the suck-ness. Franchise mah.

The new pizza from Pizza Hut is the Golden Fortune Cheesy Crown with the so called toppings of prawns, tuna, crabsticks, and pineapples and surrounded by golden rings stuffed with cheese.

Golden Fortune Cheesy Crown

Looks delicious and very tempting right? But in reality, oh I feel cheated. Kena cheated. If differ a bit still understandable but this much difference is really too insulting. Oh the deception.

*Real* Golden Fortune Cheesy Crown

What? The Pizza Hut people secretly hoping that all the customers are stupid is it? Or maybe blind? If blind then perhaps something like that would go unnoticed. Damn insulting.

But then again, I can't really blame Pizza Hut since I ALREADY have bad experiences with Pizza Hut before and yet again willingly kena cheated one time after another.

Enough is enough. This is the last straw. Yours Truly is determined not to eat Pizza Hut again. There are other better establishments for pizza around anyway. So, Pizza Hut can just kiss my fragrance ass goodbye.

In conclusion


That's all.

Sekian Terima Kasih.


  1. DAMMIT!
    i won't go to pizza hut anymore..

  2. like something dies inside that food lerr..

  3. At least the *Real* Golden Fortune Cheesy Crown got less dead prawn. LOL...

  4. I was wondering if you would ever be interested in becoming a featured publisher with If so please conctact me at

  5. OMG. Did you actually eat that? Lol. I've had tons of bad experience with Pizza Hut but it was more to the damn lousy service at practically every branch I went. Boycott Pizza Hut!


  6. $UaM$T][M: Amen to that.... =p

    twenty-six: Hahaahha...yeah

    PandanKia: LOL

    Liz Stambaugh: Sounds Cool.

    Jojo: Oh yeah... Boycott.... Looks like there is a need for a new facebook group.... ahem.


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