Saturday, January 17, 2009

Nun sexually abuse male students

This might be an old news but I am pretty sure some of you out there don't know of this news yet.

Directly quoted:

A 79-year-old Roman Catholic nun pleaded no contest Monday to indecent behavior with a child for alleged sexual encounters with two male students at a church convent and school where she was principal during the 1960s.

Kobs said the nun told him in 1965, when he was 13, to open the buttons of her habit, but he was shaking so badly he could not do so. He said she then unbuttoned her clothing and had him touch her breasts, the complaint said.

The first incident was followed by 60 to 80 others, including two involving sexual intercourse, it said.

St. Patrick said he had sexual contact with the nun more than 100 times, beginning when he was in seventh grade. At least one incident involved sexual intercourse, the complaint said.

Oh well,

If the nun looks like the following picture, I am sure no one would complain. At least the guys wont. Ahem

Sexy Nun

There you have it.

Excuse me. I need to go search some churches now.

p/s: Please Jesus, if you are reading this post. The last few sentences are meant to be taken light heartedly, Just for humor alright. Amen.


  1. *Hehehe...time to smite someone.
    Jesus: Let there be lightning!



  2. 3POINT8: Nooo~~~~

    상진현: Thank you..Thank you... =p


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