Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Instant Food

Oh well,

Not exactly instant but the type of food that can be prepared fast. You know, the situation where you are left to fend for yourself and you absolutely need to eat something right away.

Presenting....... Mi Goreng aka Instant Mee aka Instant Noodles!!!!!

Mi Goreng

So, for those who never eaten instant mee/noodles in their life before, now you can die happy knowing how an instant mee /noodle looks like. Ahem.

The ingredients are just the sort of preserved noodle and the packets of spices. For best satisfying result, it is recommended to eat at least two packets of em dry oily stuff.

Two Packets

Proceed to prepare the tools needed. A pan/wok to boil the noodles first. Then proceed to stir fry the noodles with the spices included. Or you can just dump the boiled noodles into a plate and proceed to mix the noodle and spices together and you can eat already.

But why would you do that? Where is the fun? The art? Again, like I mentioned earlier. Stir fry with the spices together.



After that, it is ready to serve. You can always serve it with other ingredients such as a sunny side egg and hotdogs or minced meat depends on your preferences.

I like mine with chicken cheese cocktail/minidogs and a sunny side egg.

Instant Food

There you have it. Instant food. Takes around less than 5 minutes I think to prepare. Very fast hor and simple also. When you invest in the toilet is even longer than that lah. Ahem.

p/s: I fail at making good/perfect sunny side egg. You know, the one that have the yellow yolk in the middle and surrounded by egg white.That requires culinary/cooking skills of the highest level mmmmmkay and I am just an ordinary guy trying to satisfy his hungry stomach as soon as possible. Ahem
p/s: There goes my diet aka keeping fit plan. Darn.


  1. I can die happy now after looking at the pic.

    Besides, that is not just mee goreng. That is INDOMEE. The best instant noodle in the whole world. wukakax3


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