Saturday, January 3, 2009

Farahrizan Abdul Razak involved in sex orgy

The anonymous newscaster who was nabbed along with 27 others apparently have been identified as one Farahrizan Adbul Razak. It seems that they are having a sex party inside a hotel room on New Year Eve.

Talk about ushering into the New Year with a big bang or rather in this case is bangs. Ahem.

 Miss Farahrizan Adbul Razak

The 22 years old newscaster with Astro Awani apparently plays Friendster as the invites to the New Year Eve sex party are sent through the social networking site, Friendster. This does take the meaning of social networking to a whole new level. Akin to a certain someone "personal friend" perspective.

Directly quoted from the source:

Police have confirmed that the newscaster who was nabbed along with 27 other people in a raid on a hotel room on New Year’s Eve is Farahrizan Abdul Razak.

Sources told Malay Mail that the 22-year-old newsreader with Astro Awani had tested positive for drugs. She has been remanded for two days, along with eight others who had also tested positive. Also picked up during the raid were the organisers of the party.

Officers led by Assistant Superintendent Mahani Ahmad found condoms, drugs and alcohol in the room, which was packed with revellers who had received special invites to the party through social networking site Friendster.

Authorities are concerned that the organisers of these romps are using the Internet to get the word out. (see accompanying story).

City police had raided the room on the 11th floor of the Cabana Inn in Jalan P. Ramlee after being tipped off that a sex and drugs party was being held there. The suspects, aged between 18 and 31, were picked up at 3am by D7, the anti-vice and gaming unit.

When police moved in, two halfnaked couples were in bed, while the others were intoxicated. Half-eaten pizzas and empty beer cans littered the floor.

Authorities seized 24 Ecstasy pills, packets and straws containing Ketamine, one Eramine 5 tablet, other drug paraphernalia and some condoms. Efforts to contact Farahrizan for comment were unsuccessful.

There you have it. Now, who says Malaysians are not open minded enough? Ahem. Or maybe it is just in KL.


Now you will have to excuse me. I need to find a job in KL and prepare for the coming New Year Eve ushering into New Year 2010 by having an orgy do something urgent.



  1. so shameful. kids nowadays have no moral compass.

  2. Dang, I missed the party in msia.
    one of the reasons to why i miss msia so much

  3. They only made one mistake,someone should be sober to take care of the saya-nanti rasuah!!!

  4. yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  5. Anon1: Oh well.... =p

    3Point8: Hell Yeah, I am so moving to KL... ahem

    Anon2: True True.... Need a watchman..

    Anon3: Woot... =p


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