Sunday, January 18, 2009

Buy Malaysian Goods

Yeah right. Buy Malaysian Good lor.

If the biggest spender in Malaysia aka the Gah Var Men not going to lead by example, who else would be convinced to follow?

It's like when you are obese and you give advice to people on how to keep fit by eating vegetables while you are going to KFC. Does that makes any sense? Somewhere along that line I am sure you agree with what I am trying to say here. Ahem.

Yours truly better not rant to much. Very dangerous. I still love my fat ass very much to let it rot somewhere.

Anyway, the idea of buying Malaysian Good is good since it will help the local businesses which will in turn help the economy. Help sustain it a bit.

So, who to target? Aside from the biggest spender in the country, ahem, there is also one category of spender who will make significant contribution to the Buy Malaysian Goods campaign.

Housewives. Yep, your mother. Or maybe probably there will be househusbands also. But the point here is that in most families, the housewife aka mother aka mum will be the one who decides what to buy and where to spend. After all, they are the domestic executives. Oopsss, make that domestic managers.

So, if all domestic managers unite and support the Buy Malaysian Goods campaign, I am sure that that will make a significant impact to the economy. Ahem.

So, all Domestic Managers aka Housewives. UNITE!!!!!!

They have the attraction and influential power mmmmmmkayyy.

Especially if they look like the following picture. Ahem.

Influential Housewife

So, support Buy Malaysian Goods. Ahem.


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