Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Pork Floss Spring Roll


This is the resident chef of BenardCometh Revelations making another round of appearance again after a long absence.

This post supposed to be created before the Chinese New Year so that the Pork Floss Spring Roll can be served to those visiting your house during Chinese New Year. DIY yo.

Anyway, the Pork Floss Spring Roll makes perfect snack to be eaten any time of the day. Now, I am going to show all of you how to make the Pork Floss Spring Roll yourselves.

The ingredients needed are:

Spring Roll Pastry

Egg White

Pork Floss

First of all, separate the egg yolk and the egg white as you are going to use the egg white only. There are a few ways to do this, I will leave that to your own creative imagination.

Take out the spring roll pastry and separate em sheet by sheet.

The Spring Roll Pastry

Spring Roll Pastry Sheets

The Spring Roll Pastry sheets are highly customizable depending on your preferences. In this case I cut it into square sheet pieces.

Proceed to put some pork floss onto a piece of square sheet.

Pork Floss on top

Then position the pork floss at the lower left or right depending on your preferred angle to roll up later. After that, proceed to roll up the corner tip at the lower right to cover the pork floss.

Roll Roll

Continue to roll until its halfway then fold in the two sides and continue rolling until you are left with some corner space.

Halfway and fold the sides

Corner space

Apply some of the egg white to the corner space then roll all the way up. The egg white acts as glue/adhesive of some sort. Edible of course. After that you are done. As easy as that.

Apply egg white

Roll all the way up

Arrange the Pork Floss Spring Roll in the oven container and put inside the oven until the color changes to light brownish/gold then they are ready to be served. You can opt to fry the spring rolls also if you prefer that way.

Before Oven

After Oven

There you have it. How to make Pork Floss Spring Rolls by yourselves. Simple and nice.

One reason why you would want to make your own is that you can easily customize your own spring rolls. In term of size and ingredients. For the adventurous, you might want to try different ingredients.

For example, yours truly likes his spring roll SUPER-SIZED compared to the normal size.


Yum Yum

That is all. I have to go and eat the spring rolls now. Ahem.

Happy Trying and Eating.

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