Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Ghost Story

This is supposed to be a post on Halloween but it seems that it is a bit late. However, better late than never right?

Halloween is not that celebrated in Malaysia if compared to those in western countries, at least not in Sarawak. You might get some pubs or hotels doing some events for the day but never large scale as to go treat or tricking and stuff.

So, Halloween usually represented by those "ang moh"(western) ghosts such as vampires, werewolves, mummy, and many more with vampires being the popular choice. Immortality anyone?

Anyway, since it is related to the supernaturals, it would just be natural that I delve around that topic. Anyone up for some supernatural stories? Ghost stories?

I had my share of the supernaturals or ghosts some of you might say. I supposed I had because all the events are not that clear to me. As if I am dreaming or something.

Encounter 1

When I was young (many many years ago), I always have feeling where suddenly I can't move or even shout as if something big and heavy is sitting on top of me. Ever get that feeling? I dismiss it as just maybe I am too tired. However there is this one time...................................

I actually saw some shadow or something lurking at the corner of my room and as I try to focus it began to grow bigger and move towards me slowly. I can't really see what is the thing and then just when I want to shout out loud, suddenly i froze for no reason at all and the shadow began to turn and I can almost see the sinister smile it had.

The shadow crept up to me and I can actually feel it moving up while I can't move a muscle. Just when it nearly come face to face with me, it disappears just like that. Up until now I can't really explain what happened.

Encounter 2

When my grandfather died, I am way too young to remember him. I know how does he looks like but I never remembered if we ever talked. My brothers and I used to share the same room when we were young. (I have two younger brothers who is one year younger and they are twins). So, there is this one night suddenly one of my brothers called me to accompany him to the toilet but i refused and after the other brother called me to accompany them to the toilet.

I still refused and starting to get very irritated. ( I am the kind of person that you would not want to disturb when i am sleeping. =p). However, they are persistent and I tell them that both of them can accompany each other to the toilet but they still refused.

When asked why? They replied, "We saw grandfather sitting in the living room looking us, smiling and waving his hand". When I go out with them, I did not see anything but I think I noticed that my brothers are scared and that I feel some chilling breeze.

The next morning, I realized that last night is the night of the seventh day after my grandfather died. You see, Chinese have this belief that the dead always comes back to visit their relatives the night of the seventh day after they passed away.

Encounter 3

There is this one time when I was sleeping, suddenly I woke up sweating and my heart beating very fast. I don't have any nightmares and the air con is on full blast. Just as I want to close my eyes, suddenly I saw or felt a white ghostly figure moving towards the air con (that time am using the window unit). I fell asleep soon afterwards.

The next morning, I asked around who turn off the air con as it is off when I wake up. Guess what, nobody turn off the air con. And no, there is no timer to off for that model at that time. It still remain a mystery to me. Supernatural? Might be.

So, that is a few stories that I can remember. Personal experience.

Have you ever experienced the supernatural? Seen ghosts?

Do you even believe that there are ghosts around?


  1. Well, I don't really believe in ghost - probably because I've never ran into one. Wah..your stories scary though. I hope I'll never run into any of them

  2. Hmm.. I think the 1st wan I heard from you before, right? it is in campus. I experienced before but not that serious, just can't move :P

  3. Hahaha... not a ghost story fan.... but ghost movie ok... u should seriously watch horror with me. Those who watch with me says 1 tickets 2 movies~~~ Muahahaa... *slap em'*

  4. HUh? All your ghastly encounter only happens when you are sleeping, about to sleep, or half-asleep.

    Its weird that I haven't heard of stories like: "I was in a theme park on a roller coaster ride! There was this tall guy who sat next to me. At the end of the ride, as I reach out my hands to tap his shoulder wanting to ask how was the ride, I was then I noticed that there was nothing there."
    I mean, no one has ever seen a ghost when they are enjoying or having fun!

  5. kaklong: I think there are a greater force at work. =p

    LukXiuFung: This is more serious than what happened at campus... =p

    Princess Eileen: Oooo, so worth ticket two movies... =p

    3POINT8: Well, there are stories of the supernatural when people are having fun. I have heard quite a few but then that is another story for another time. =p

  6. Encounter 2 really scary~~

    But this made me laugh--

    "they are persistent and I tell them that both of them can accompany each other to the toilet" What a big brother you are!!! :P

    3point8: I would have freaked out then and there if that ever happened.

  7. 3point8: Hey, that could happen. Maybe the tall guy fell off the roller coaster when it went on the loop. Happens all the time.

  8. i also encounter this unexplain "supernatural" things which reli make me hav to believe there is a spirit exist in this world....reli send chills down my spine...i often experience that cant move things when sleeping during my high school..

    if u wan to know the stories, find one day, i will tell u wat i encounter..hehehe..

  9. 宝茹: You ever encountered such things?

    joyfulchicken: Yep, agree...happens all the time... =p

    -et3rnal- : Yeah, ghost stories telling session... =p

  10. I saw my grandma after she passed away. I think I was 4 that time and I didn't know she passed away. Maybe I didn't understand. Anyway, I called out to her, turned to look at my mom, turned back, and she was gone.

    About your aircon; if in the middle of the night the electricity goes off then comes back on, the aircon won't turn back on.

    I've never had those unable to move experience and I don't want them. Touchwood! Though I've seen colourful objects when I wake up at night when I was small. I always throw my pillow up but it never hits it. Once, I saw a really big figure, like those chinese gods. Not sure if it was just my eyes playing a trick on me coz it was really dark.

  11. All these ghost talk~~ I don't like ghosts~~

    A news story "traumatized" me, like there's this kid who saw an old man in the toilet reading~~~seriously...before I read your blog...I hate ghosts. >_<

    joyfulchicken: Really~~happens all the time? Hahahahaha...come to think of it, that would be really funny. :P

  12. i've got nightmare last night. your fault !! *shake fists* i believe in spirits, that includes good n evil ones. n i believe in karma too. like "what you did, you will get it in return" or stuff like that. hehe. your story sent shivers down my spine. :\

  13. runawaycat: Oh, then you have experiences with the supernaturals then. =p

    Hmmm, the blackout thing that caused the aircon to shut down is possible...


    宝茹: Who like ghosts? =p

    levian: Yeah, but if ghosts are that powerful and all, how come all those criminal still on the loose? Rapists and Murderer... Suppose the ghosts of their victims come back and haunt them... =p


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