Monday, May 17, 2010

Kuching's Highest Peak Conquered

Well, went to conquer Kuching's Highest Peak

In case you don't know where, it is Mount Penrissen which is 4360 feet above sea level. The only or shall I say most easily accessible route to Mount Penrissen is through Borneo Highlands Resort.

Shouldn't be no problem right, some of you might be thinking as previously I did post that I conquered Mount KK. Mount KK also no problem, what is Mount Penrissen right?


That was a few years ago when I was fit. Ahem.

Now with extra fat, it is a wonder that I managed to complete it. Yes, now I am beaming with pride that the fatty me still am quite "fit".

Lets get on with the pictures.

 Mount Penrissen from Hole-13 Borneo Highlands Resort Golf Course

 View halfway of the climb

 Takar Buru- The last stop before the peak

 Going up

 View from the peak

 Pitcher Plant



 Pano View Halfway up

 View halfway up

 View from the peak
View from the peak again

There you have it...

Mount Penrissen - The highest peak in Kuching, Sarawak conquered.


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