Tuesday, May 4, 2010


Each and every one of us are responsible for what we say, what we do, and how we influence others. Some might just shake it off that since the things/matter implicated are just of minor significance. Some even go to the extend of finding excuse of being irresponsible, be it professionally (as in work) and personally.

If you are assigned a job by your boss regardless the nature of the work, strive to do it well and finish it with dedication. Complaining on how it is fair or not fair doesn't somehow magically completes the task but it would very much reflect on your attitude towards the work given.

Of course there are some limits to the nature of the works that can be done. If you try and then cannot do the work given, at the very least you take the effort to try and not complaining on the works given without even trying. Work to try to solve the problem at hand instead of trying to do less work or do your own personal work.

When you are employed by a company, it is your responsibility to contribute to the company in order for the company to prosper and the first step in achieving that is to do what you are supposed to do wholeheartedly and not halfheartedly. Professional life and personal life should not be mixed together as you are employed for your time in order to do works that can contribute to the company that employs you.

I have a friend who somehow thinks that it is ok to do personal stuffs during office hours and do own things even though there are outstanding works to be done. There is just no sense of urgency or no motivation to complete the works at hand earlier. For what reason that is beyond me, maybe he/she thinks that because if the works are completed to early there will still be more to come and since there are continuous work, then just take time to do loh. I don't know, I am not a mind reader.

I mean come on lah, at least if you are efficient and effective until you have too much free time then there is no reason to stop you from doing your own work since you completed the works given. Even so, if you have free time have you ever thought of improving yourself in knowledge and skills sense? The Internet is a huge repository of knowledge that one would take a lifetime to learn.

Anyway, I am digressing. Back to the point of responsibility, you have to be responsible towards the works given to you, towards the company that employs you, towards your superior, and towards your fellow colleagues. You might think that the company treats you unfairly or without respect, have you ever wondered why? Is it possible that all of that are caused by yourself? Is it possible?

Then when your superior tries to help you by giving chances and pointing out your mistakes, do you learn from the advice given or do you think that even your superior are out to get you and is not fair towards you? Does it ever cross your mind that the reason your superior is doing that is because he/she care and want to help? He/She might as well leave you as you are to rot without guidance and support if he doesn't care.

But no, you complain that the work given is too insulting as it is too low class or too easy. Insulting to your position which by the way is supposed to do exactly what is assigned. Saying that it hurts your pride to do such works. Have it ever occurs to you that the reason why you are assigned such "low class" works or easy works is to see if you can do it well effectively and efficiently? Have it ever occurs to you, why in the first place there are needs to measure your performance?

If even such menial jobs or easy jobs cannot be completed or done well, how can you expect the company to give you the responsibility of more important or bigger jobs which definitely requires dedication and responsibility to do the work well. Ask yourself why is this so. Hence, when given any jobs, always strive to do it well with responsibility and dedication. If you do that, the work would speak by itself and you will show to the company that you are responsible enough for bigger job scope.

The world doesn't owe you a living and by sulking that you are treated unfairly would not do any good, instead it would do more harm. Prove to the company or your superior that you can improve for the best and that you have what it takes to be responsible towards contributing to the company. Only when you reached that level, I am sure all the efforts will be noticed and will be duly rewarded.

Even if it is not, then perhaps it is high time to find a greener pasture. But that is another story for another time. I better stop or this would go on forever.

Maybe next time when I feel like ranting, will continue the story or even come out with a new story.

Till then,

Be responsible both professionally and personally.

p/s: Wah seh, like very chim(deep) like that. Ahem.......

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