Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Traditional Remedy for Menstrual Pain

Alright, before I continue. Let's make something clear. This might or might not work for you. So, try this at your own risk. Kapish???

Anyway, a while ago my significant other half complained of menstrual pain so terrible she wished or rather swear that if she gets to choose her gender in her next life, she would never ever ever choose to be a female. Ever.

Hmmmm, being a female has its perks I would say. Lots of em. Like how they can manipulate guys into doing what they want or "blackmail" their way through and etc. Anyway, I am digressing. Back to the topic.

So, there she was cringed with menstrual pain and then somehow she managed to convince me into cooking a traditional dish, a soup that so called have the effect of lessen the menstrual pain. Before I go further, let me illustrate my cooking skills. It ain't that bad but it is not exactly good either. If you want me to prepare a 3 course meal, most probably you will get eggs in all of em. Cooked in ways you can't even begin to imagine. Ahem...

There I go again, straying off the topic. So, somehow I was made to think I know how to cook an ancient secret Chinese Foochow soup that rumour has it, the recipe has been lost to mankind since time immemorial. Hence, being the good easily manipulated that I am begins the process of preparing the ancient secret Chinese Foochow soup that supposed to be able to lessen the mega menstrual pain.

And being the great guy I am, I have decided to take some pictures and post up how to cook this long lost ancient secret Chinese Foochow soup that somehow magically claimed to be able to zap away menstrual pains.

Again, I feel the need to stress that I have no idea what so ever on how to cook this soup. After a few pointers of what to include this and that, off I go to prepare the long lost ancient secret remedy for menstrual pain.

Let's begin.

First of all, prepare the following ingredients:


A bowl of water

A bowl of Chinese red wine

Two eggs
(In case you are wondering why the two eggs are different, go ask the mother hen. No lar, one is actually "Kampung" Chicken egg. Very the nutritious mmmkay)

Before I continue, please bear in mind that the amount or ingredients used is to cook one bowl of soup for one person. How exactly do I measure it even though I never cook this soup before? Beats me. I have no slightest idea. =p

So, first clean and brush the ginger a bit to remove the dirt. Then proceed to slice the ginger into slices.

Ginger Slices

After that, pour the bowl of water into a cooking pot and throw the ginger slices into the pot. Let it boil a bit to get the ginger essence out in the water. Meanwhile waiting for the water to boil, beat the two eggs and stir fry it in a pan. Put aside the eggs and by now the water should be boiling.

Beat the eggs, Beat the eggs

Done stir fried

So, pour the eggs into the boiling water together with the bowl of Chinese red wine. Stir a bit and let it sit for a while. You can add a bit of salt if you wanted to. Or heck, you can add anything you like. You are the one who is cooking. In this case, after boiling em for a while. Wala!!! It's done.

One Long Lost Ancient Secret Traditional Chinese Remedy For Menstrual Pains Soup, coming right up.

Long Lost Ancient Secret Soup

The taste?

Absolutely damn delicious mmmmmkay. Now I am worried. If the next time I can't try anything so delicious how? how? how? Oh, why? why? why? must I get to try something so delicious. What if next time I can't reproduce it how? =p

Anyway, the most important is the effectiveness.

After finishing the soup, my significant other half gets well instantaneously. Zap. Just like that.

Ok, maybe not instantaneously but it did help to lessen the pain.

So, the remedy works.

All hail the Long Lost Ancient Secret Traditional Chinese remedy.


  1. i bet it was the ginger. and i bet the wine had an anesthetic/analgesic effect :P

  2. i got some tips for her too, as i face the same menstruel pain occasionally, mayb nextime u can jus ask her to eat more papaya, brocolli and drink ginger wine or soup will do...easy to prepare and more instant~

  3. Angela: Yep...I bet that should be it also. =p

    Anon: Thank you for the tips. =)


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