Thursday, May 6, 2010

Self Improvement

I am not sure about others but self improvement is very important. Don't get lazy or too comfortable to neglect that aspect. Like what Steve Jobs (if I am not mistaken) said, " Stay Foolish, Stay Hungry".

Education is a lifelong process, one should strive to learn to gain knowledge until the day you are six feet under. There can never be such thing as knowing too much. (Well, if in the case of knowing some top secret shit confidential enough to cost your life- That is different). Generally you will never know enough.

Hence, one should strive to self improve every now and then. At least in your own specialized field. Don't stop learning and improving even though you are some big shots already. There are always lessons to learn in life that could prove to be useful.

For those who are studying, strive to learn things outside what you are learning or even strive to learn more into the subject that you are learning. Need to be curious and thirst for knowledge which will definitely be beneficial in the future. Of course the method on how you search and gain the required knowledge requires skills but that would gradually be like second nature as you make effort to try.

For those who are working, there are even lots to learn aside from what you are supposed to do. Of course first, you will need to excel in your work then strive to gain more knowledge on other aspects of the company. Things like employer-employee relations, work dedication, professionalism, integrity, humility, confidence, colleagues relation, customers relation, superior-subordinate relations, self-improvement, and much more.

Life is all about relating to people, to others, and to self. Only when we can understand ourselves and better relate to ourselves then can we relate to others. Like what Sun Tzu said, "Know yourself, know your enemies, one hundred battles, one hundred victories". Even an employer, manager, or your superior needs to self improve every now and then. In order to not be left behind, one need to strive to improve self from knowledge, skills, and people relation aspects. You lead people not manage them.

There are often individuals who are afraid that they might be overtaken or outdone by someone younger or even their subordinates which cause them anxiety and this led to elimination of capable subordinates. This will affect the company or the organization when capable potential people are removed just to satisfy or protect their position. Thus the desire and awareness for self improvement at all levels will minimize this and in turn lead to productivity and efficiency.

A doctor's job is to heal people, A soldier's job is to fight for the nation, A teacher's is to teach students, A student's job is to learn, hence your job is to do what you are supposed to do. Not only do what you are supposed to do but do it well. In order to excel in what you are supposed to do, you will need to constantly self improve in order to be able to contribute effectively and efficiently.

Ok lah, till here me thinks. Suddenly this few days got the chim chim (deep deep) thinking moments. Ahem~~

In short, to summarize the above in layman terms:

Just fucking do what you are fucking supposed to do and in addition not only fucking do what you are supposed to fucking do, you will need to fucking do it efficiently and effectively by striving to fucking self improve. Kapish???

There, presented eloquently.



  1. I strongly sensed that the article is shooting at me...~ Sigh, I can't help it but the lazy bugs seems to like me a lot. Lolz...~

    I still have this strong feeling for self-improvement a few years back... But now don't know influenced by what thing making me feel less passion... Now I just want to enjoy the relaxing life with no burden, no worries and no pain. Hmmm that's what I am thinking for the moment but who knows, might change my mind again in the near future...~

  2. Celestial: Self improvements are very important mmmkay... =p


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