Saturday, September 15, 2007

Mount KK

Refer here for previous post on Mount KK. Since they are a few people asking for the information regarding the Mount KK climb, yours truly would create a post that contains all the needed information. After he gathered all the necessary information that is. =p

Mount Kinabalu or commonly referred as Mount KK is located at Sabah and it is 4095 meters above sea level.

Yours Truly already conquered it once and planning to climb again next year maybe around August/September. No, I am not crazy nor i have plenty of time to waste. It is just that the last climb was enjoyable and since there are friends who are interested to climb, why not.... =p

Anyway, stay tuned for the coming post in which i will include all the information regarding the Mount KK climb.

Until then, PICTURES..... =p

Enough reason for you to go and at least give it a try yet???? =p


  1. ooo mount kk! so where are all the info hmm? :P i never been to kk before seriously, been stuck in west msia all my life lol...

  2. Woah~~ the pictures above the clouds are the best! :)

    More places to go in Malaysia~~ :D

  3. East Malaysia rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Wakakaka.... not convincing enough ler... The leng cai not in the picture...

  4. conan_cat: Will post up the info in a while... Bear with me until then...=p..

    Can try to arrange for a trip if ya want.... can consider after looking at the information... =p

    宝茹: Yeah, so you also interested in climbing Mount KK? =p

    Princess Eileen: Hohoho, maybe next year when I go will take more convincing pictures... =p

  5. If I can~~ need funds~~ donate money so I can go there! Hehehehe.

  6. Heh, set up a fund.... Send ME To Mount KK Fund... lol.. =p

    With proper planning shouldn't be expensive.... In your case, it is the flight ticket which will cost the most.

  7. wow, the pictures look fascinating~!! those pic reli taken from the mount KK arh?? i like the second n third picture, can see the clouds...if go Mount KK, how much the total travelling cost? estimate....range? RM 1000?

  8. Ya, all from Mount KK... the top. =p...

    I will try to post the budget structure for climbing Mount KK....


  9. Wah...the clouds so comfortable...I wanna jump onto it...Why are you pulling my hands?? Let me jump! Let me!

  10. Woh, it is dangerous for you to go climb mount kk then.... Later you will jump..... Oooooo...=p


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