Thursday, September 20, 2007

Akon-Blame It On Me

This might be old news for some...but nevertheless.....HERE. And the video can be found here.

So this guy Akon...or is it supposed to be Akorn go and dry hump a 14 years old gal in a 18-above clubhouse and the best part is that the gal's dad is a preacher. She does not look like 14 years old anyway. See it for yourself and you will know what I mean.... Wayyyy not 14 years old... =p

So, this is supposed to be Akon @ Akorn MTV that is done to address the matter....Blame it all on me, he says or in this case raps... =p

Right, so now...Blame it all on HIM... Go on... =p


  1. Iakkkkk....
    This is disgusting...
    Somemore.. How can this 'bien tai lou' not yet put in jail or being 'yin' (neuter)...
    No wonder so many crime cases (rape)happen around... This is a bad model...

  2. this is the first time i watch the music video, also the first time i saw the news. not the first time i heard the song though.
    don't like the news but love the music. can i still like the music despite the news n stuff ?? can i treat it as 2 different things ?? :\

  3. Hmmm.... can I just like his songs & music and dunno about the news? OH my, I really dunno about the news... WTH...


    This is super disgusting. I didn't finish the video.

  5. levian, Princess Eileen,

    Can u still love his songs and music if that gal happens to be your sister or wife or fren??

    I just curious!!!!!


  6. joyfulchicken: Yes, he is quite the jerk but he is well known for his antics in every concerts so those who don't want to be treated that way just don't go...LOL... it is his concert afterall.... =p

    JiMmee: Actually, there are many factors contributed to this. He is doing sort of like a concert and as I say before, he is famous or well known to do antics such as that. So those who went there should have known better but yet they still go, so this is on free will.

    levian: Yes, I agree that his music is cool and I liked his music. I still liked his music regardless the person.

    Princess Eileen: Yeah, I also liked his song and music but not the it's fine.. =p

    LukXiuFung: All of the fans knows already how he behaves and yet they all supported him and willing to go to his concerts and risk being treated that way.

    宝茹: He is well known to do that and those who still go...well, I can say they deserve it... LOL.. =p

    JiMmee: Hey hey, actually that gal actually bragged about being able to dance with Akon before the matter kena discovered by the media/public. Only then, it becomes a big matter.

    The question is, why is she( a 14 years old) able to enter the club which is strictly for 18 and above?

    and also why the parents doesn't know that she will be going to the club?

    AND as I said over and over again, it is free will and Akon is well known for his antics of dry humping ppl and humiliating ppl in his concerts, but still a lot of ppl want to go to his concerts.

    To clarify, I liked the music but NOT the person....
    Everyone has his or her own attitudes and views towards life.

  7. I still think it's gross AND scary.

    You said the people deserve it, why do you think so?

    The girl DOES NOT look 14.

  8. Heh, let me give you an example. You know that if you go into tiger's den, you will be eaten. Correct? Then , since you know that but you still go in and got eaten. You deserve it or not? =p ... (All know tiger veli veli fierce wan.... now i talk funny =p)

    That is why I say i liked the music but not the person... =p

    And YEAH, for sure the gal doesn't look like 14 years old... =p

  9. Haha...yeah, you're now talking funny. :P

    But why support a fierce tiger? A tiger who humiliates people.

  10. jimmee,
    but that's by taking the "extreme" focus. you are being "attacky" even though this is not personal .. :(
    well, like cometh keep repeating, i only like his music, not his person or attitude or whatsoever. his artistic ability gets my support, but not his actions. the difference is pretty obvious. *shrug*

  11. I sounded quite judgmental also~~ I'm really sorry about that.

    Anyway, his music is ok-ok. I heard the same song in the radio a while ago, and I thought it sounded familiar, hehehehe...




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