Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Proton MPV Winner, Oh Really?

The Proton MPV Naming Contest have a winner already. The winning name is Exora.

Proton Exora

And the winner is one Puan Norsholihan Bt Abdul Eanich. Congrats ya.


But ho, there is just one little problem. You see, Exora is actually a type of flower leh. You call it Ixora or Exora.

Normally this would not matter but like I said, there is a little problem. Since Exora is a type of flower, that also means that it is a type of vegetation aka plant aka "tumbuh tumbuhan". Agree?

Now, take a look at the terms and condition in both English aka "Bahasa Inggeris" and Malay aka "Bahasa Malaysia".

Notice anything? Maybe the part where it says:

"Penyertaan hendaklah sama ada dalam bahasa Malaysia atau bahasa Inggeris dan mestilah:-
- Tidak diambil daripada mana-mana nama binatang atau tumbuh-tumbuhan;"

or in English

Contest entry submissions must be in either Bahasa Malaysia or English only and must:-
- not consist of any form of the animal kingdom, or vegetation;

No, I am not talking about the lousy translation job. Get it yet? See aka "Tengok", got print screen.



Exactly. Since Exora is a type of flower aka plant aka vegetation aka "tumbuh tumbuhan", that means that the winner should be officially disqualified or not chosen at all. Correct? Ahem. Jeng Jeng Jeng.

Don't believe is flower ah? Google wor, some say is the best in the world and the universe wor.

Below pictures are taken from Google Images.


Exora Close up

Oh, well. Just pointing it out.

Anyway, I think they have external judges/auditors to pick the winner, so no conspiracy there. Ahem.

But ho, judges or auditors. Next time, remember to Google first mmmmkay. Googling always helps minimizing any potential mistakes. Ahem.

Then again, I could be wrong. Maybe a flower is not a vegetation or "tumbuh tumbuhan". But the education system says flower is a plant wor. Plant is not vegetation is it? My bad.

So, there you have it. The new Proton MPV is called Proton Exora. Not sure about the quality though. Like I said before, being a Proton pretty much sums it all. Ahem.

What do you think?


  1. Lol. why cant c the real shape de? i havent c PROTON MPV yet!! hahas!

  2. Lucky her. Wonder how Exora looks like though..
    Cant wait!

  3. Ya! not fair man! ignorance of own contest rules or foul play? Either way, v dunno man. hope their side can establish the rationale. How "creative" taking a literal object as name? :Dhahaha!
    thks 4 posting this!
    good job bro!

  4. hmm..i always thought the flower was spelt as Ixora.. if I remembered my std 6 Kemahiran Hidup lesson well ;)

    there you go:


  5. horizon: Not THAT interesting I would say... =p

    thatjames: I think there is a difference in spelling but regardless it is still based on a flower.... Cannot mah... =p

    Anon: Well, it's their competition. They can just say, so what.... There is this phrase that says, judges decision is final...heh

    Mariposa: Well, if that is in English then in Malay it is Exora...hohohoho cuz since they like to translate it that way.

  6. nice post cometh.. i'm hoping that u could find the description for that, on why she chose the name "exora".. i took part in the contest and suggested the name "philia" which has a closer meaning to 'family'.. and in many ways, i feel the name is more prestigious and definitely more qualified than "exora".. lolz..
    what u guys say abt this?

    by the way, see how proton explain this:


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