Friday, December 14, 2007

Sibu Flood 2007

I think most of you know this already. Especially those who are from Sarawak.

My hometown, Sibu is flooded. Somebody forget to turn off their tap I guess.......

Alright, that is lame.. =p

Previous post on Sibu here and here.

Anyway, I have some pictures emailed to me. Pictures on the Sibu Flood. It has been a while since the last time I went back.

It is not as bad as the flood in Johor but still it is a flood.

Anyone have more pictures for me? I am interested with the flood pictures of my hometown. And no, I am not sadistic. I don't take pleasure with other people's pain. Unlike what happened to me. I really hope that you are happy knowing the pain I have to endure from losing it. May you live forever.


All pictures courtesy of Yew Hwang

Hopefully it won't get worse. Shu Shu~~~~~~~ Water go away......~~~~~ Shu Shu....


  1. ouch for the car .. but water is $$ (cai) !! :D

  2. Poor Cometh, I know floods too well~~ :P

  3. ur pic didnt show the serious of sibu flood fren got take some even worse one photo only show the roof of the car..wait till i get the photos from him then will send to you~=P

  4. wah..floods everywhere right now..

  5. Everywhere also same.. Malacca also.. rains for few days already...

  6. holy shit, i now only know u from Sibu :P

    tot from Kuching....

  7. ooo, personel pool! But so cham ler..


  8. levian: Hmmm, suppose if according to feng shui thingy, water is a good thing?

    宝茹: Not exactly poor Cometh... =p I am not at Sibu right now. That is why I don't have more interesting pictures to show...

    3POINT8: Indeed.......

    -et3rnal-: Woh, like that waiting for you to post to me then.... I am waiting... can just email to

    kaklong: Yeah, floods..

    keeyit: Whole Malaysia then? Anyway, you can use OpenID for postings also... =p
    (To be able to show your link of course...)

    yipguseng: Yeah, yours truly am from Sibu but now in Kuching

    babyfiona: I wouldn't really know... I am not there.... heh


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