Friday, December 7, 2007

Heavy Fine For Downloaders

*** For those who follow this blog, which I am sure the amount are countable using fingers. You will notice that there is a serious lack of updates. This is due to the stolen Phoenix case and yours truly doesn't have the moolah to just go and get a new rig. Not only that, yours truly been busy with the concluding of the case.(Will do a complete post on that on other day)***

I am sure by now, everyone who have Internet connection (read broadband) knows about this already.

The Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs Ministry warned Malaysians who download songs, video and etc to be prepared to pay a minimum fine of RM250,000 and up to Rm500,000.

For more information, click here.

Now, what I am curious is that how the enforcement will be. I dare say that almost all broadband users if not all, uses broadband for downloads. Before I continue, I feel the need to clarify that yours truly am not implying that he is doing illegal downloads although he is a broadband user. (If the Streamyx package can be considered broadband at all..)If the Ministry going to fine each and every single one of em, then that Ministry is going to be the richest ministry in the government.

That aside, it is quite interesting to see how all of this will end up. Heck, they have not even weed out those "physical" piracy such as dvd and yet they say that they want to focus on illegal downloaders?

How bout those fake stuff? Those imitations? Bagaimana? So far the enforcement on pirated dvd is not that strict. At least not in Kuching from what I see. Just go to Jalan Song (DVD dramas) or Kenyalang(Movies and softwares) or even Saberkas(Softwares and Games). Surely there are other places in Malaysia where one can EASILY get pirated stuffs.

Before this, those TMNet/Streamyx people already done some torrent shaping that blocks or limits connections for P2P softwares and that raised some noise but after a while it just calm down with the people knowing how to defeat the torrent shaping. In that view, surely it is just a matter of time before people will have ways to defeat the tracking system.

Another example....Lets say, Windows. It is almost like an open secret that Windows piracy is abundant in Malaysia. (Well, not only in Malaysia but also other parts of the world). Up until now, there seems to be no enforcement and suppose that it can't be done?

So, for now.

To download or not to download.........That is the question.

Done with my ramblings.


  1. I would say TO ********
    oh wait...i guess i shouldn't mention it anywhere on the net. I know there are people who are capable to monitoring my packet activity

  2. Hmm. How can they catch these people? I mean how would they know?
    And it's kinda stupid because I dare say, EVERYONE downloads stuff. Even if it's just one song in your 20 years of life, it's still a download.

  3. u get ur point here. I would say they better focus on curbing other criminal cases rather than this! there are just alot of things that needs to be fix rite now ;-)

  4. It's actually quite easy to catch BitTorrent and other P2P users. One way to do it is to start a download yourself and see who connects to you. Busted!

    But they probably won't try to catch everyone. They'll just punish a few unlucky ones and make examples out of them.

  5. How they going to fine downloaders? LOL If they fine us on Internet Service Provider I think most of the users will start to complain it! agree with nuxv ! they should focus on the criminal cases and Mat Rempit first!

  6. Maybe they should focus on the big bosses not the downloaders. Go after the big fish!

  7. I found that baidu and eSnips already blocked from downloads.. hmmm .. then I have to buy those latest songs from pasar malam !

  8. getting into the internet is all about downloading stuffs. Unless they block all the ports and leave only port 80, which still ppl can still do the downloading..

    fine by download...hmm..once u open up a page there's already things being downloaded to ur pc, how are they gonna fine it, only msia gov be able to think of these kinda creative ideas/solutions...

  9. actually our country BB still slow, last time i work at hotel, foreign guest complaint WIFI connection and i need to attend the guest

    the guest ask me "does this call boardbank"? ask me do i know what is the meaning of "board"

  10. @Joyfulchicken - Oh ya. Didn't think of that. But it's a stupid thing for them to do. download stuffs themselves? Then what makes them different form us. But of course, it's a dirty world.

  11. Oops. I think I just admitted to downloading haha :p

  12. 3POINT8: Yeah, I guess monitoring is very much real....

    runawaycat: There are a whole lot of technical explanation on how they are able to do that... but that is not for me to explain..=p

    So, that means larger prison then....since if people cant pay the fine.... They have to make bigger prisons... =p

    Nux V: There are definitely more important things to attend to.... =p

    joyfulchicken: Hohohoh, then all of ya need to be careful.... And yes, they might just pick out few unlucky ones to make examples off....Scare tactics I would say...

    merdurian: I suppose there are ways... Oh, the REMPIT issue... =p

    宝茹: They would say, if there is no demand..means no piracy...Somewhere along that line...

    keeyit: Oh, that have been blocked? Looks like there are some efforts done then.

    yipguseng: Creative people in charge they are...=p

    iCalvyn: Yeah, "broadband" here is in a pathetic state if compared with others...

    runawaycat: No, you didn't just say that....=p..

    It's a downloader eat downloader world....

    Alright, just ignore the above sentence. Don't even know what I am talking bout... =p


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