Thursday, December 20, 2007

Almost Stolen Car

Just now at around 0015 hours (It's 12:15am in case ya don't know), my car is almost stolen. Yes, yours truly am very popular with thieves and the like. After the stolen laptop case and now the nearly stolen car.

Luckily I did not sleep early as I am browsing through blogs. See, Blogs are good MMMKAYYY. So, I heard my car yelling for its master (car alarm) and I rushed out to check what happened. I saw a tall dark skinned guy opening my car's door and when he saw me rushing out, he ran to a car and speed off.

Upon inspection, the driver's side door keyhole has been drilled into with some type of equipment. Darn, have to fork out some moolah to repair it. Darn.

Yours Truly manage to mental jot the car plate number of the car used by those bastards.

Police report done.

Beware of

Perodua Kancil (Grey)
QKT 569



So, those who are from Kuching might want to jot down the car plate number and try to be alert of any Kancil with the same number. It is possible that they scouts the area for quite sometime already before making their move. I believe there is a carjacking syndicate in Kuching or at least more than one.

Anyway, try to not park your car outside your house if you have the choice. Don't just leave it to fend for itself. It also happens during daytime and not only at night. Nowadays I believe there are certain types of people who are very desperate in finding money no matter how. Especially those who just want fast cash regardless what method to use and more than often the only method they can think of is the illegal criminal way.

Pictures of the drilled car keyhole.



  1. which car? hilux?? but luckily the thief din success lol............ take a good care of ur car, it seems so pain le..........

  2. good thing u slept late. my sis' fren's backseat got ripped off the other nite while he was eating around your area. The assholes wanted his tv at the bonnet. they got it, of course. poor backseat tho.. heard it is in bad shape. Anyway, be careful... your area is the latest hot spot for ... "fast-money".

  3. Time to invest in some proper alarm system with GSM Sim card. Perhaps with motion/touch detection on the car body. If anyone tries to mess with your car, you will be alerted via SMS. Just don't forget to top up the SIM card for the alarm. hehe

  4. First thing, why is your car parked outside at that unholy hour?

    That guy so desperate o...tsk, tsk...

  5. Ouch! That is one big hole!!!
    Hope no one is gonna steal your roof...

  6. seemed like cometh 犯太岁 this couple of months. bad luck shoo shoo !! go away !! n you're free !! ;) *thumbs up*

  7. Ouch~ I remember that day when we are going for a drink at RH, we have talked about hilux has been the target for car theft and now reli happen~~ wow, tat is really lucky~!! Luckily u havent sleep yet...Losing a car is a big MATTER n somemore u just lost your laptop, will be very hurt n frustrated~~~ hmmmm this month not a good month for u, so be extra alert~!! =P

  8. walaueh! lucky u....
    last time my neighbour's kelisa got stolen, new car time must park your car inside house compound.

  9. wah... luckily you slept late.. those asholes really sucks... report police..

    Merry Christmas

  10. whoa lucky you... but then they all really dare to stole your car la.. the car keyhole like that also easily open

  11. so how much does it cost to repair?

  12. Thanks 4 ur information. Luckily u had seem and memorized the car number. it really helps a lots. i usually park both of my car outside my house. since these incidents, i think better to park insides.

  13. I'll suggest that you change the whole lock system A.S.A.P cuz some sickhead drilled my dad's car's keyhole a few months ago and when he sent it for repair, the mechanic asked him to change the lock.

    According to the mechanic, it happened often. The thief could have noted your car plate, informed his fellow thieves and made keys that matched the lock and whenever they spotted your car anywhere at all, they will just use the key to open your car's door and drive the car off like it belongs to them.

  14. aH MinG: It's the ford ranger.

    -Katak-: Yeah, my area considered a hotspot lol.... A few cases already... hmmmmm... suggest neighborhood watch? =p

    runawaycat: A big hole.....

    alexan: My alarm is actually working well.. If not for the alarm, I would not noticed... =p

    宝茹: There are a lot of desperate people out there.. Desperate and lazy

    3POINT8: Erm,,roof??? heh

    levian: Yeah, go away..go..

    -et3rnal-: Ho ho ho, sound like fortune teller tim...hehehehe Ya loh, those kind of people.... Get a life.... lol

    Nux V: Normally would park inside geh, but it is almost full and other cars need to go in and out...So, park that car outside loh...

    keeyit: Report already, no news also...they got the number already..but......

    Anyway, still cant access your blog..

    MerDuriaN: Suppose they go and make another exact copy of the keys already.

    lasilasi: Erm, have to change the whole key lock set... Don't know the exact price....havent send for repair yet....

    Anonymous: Glad to be able to help..Spread the news...beware of the kancil with the plate number..

    Caca: Yeah, in the process of changing.... =p

  15. wah..everyone is so interested to steal your stuff. why? hehe.. probably u look like a rock star and everyone wants your stuff as souvenir. hehe ^_^


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