Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Virgin Bleeding Experience

Of which what I mean is blood donation experience. What were you thinking just now?

I have to admit that of my 26 years of existence on Earth up until now, I have never donated any of my blood before. Well, if you count the blood donated to mosquitoes and leeches then this is not my virgin attempt.

Anyway, two weeks ago if my memory doesn't fails me, yours truly went to this place that have this blood donation campaign. So, that is considerably yours truly virgin attempt to donate blood. To fellow homo sapiens that is.

So, off I go to register for the blood donation together with my friends. Good things must share mmmmmkay and afterall blood donation is for a noble cause so of course I need to influence my friends to go also. Or was it the other way around where my friends have to literally peel me off the pillar I am hugging in a futile attempt to escape from donating blood asks me to go. Regardless the details, the important thing is that yours truly donated blood. That's it. Ahem.

Registration Counter

After signing the documentations and stuff, we have to wait for a while until our numbers are called. There are surprisingly a lot of people waiting to be blood farmed. So, while waiting yours truly check the documentation and to his horror, he is required to bleed for triple bags. What are they thinking? I am a freaking cow is it?
Triple Bag

After some clarifications, with a huge relief that the triple bag doesn't mean yours truly need to bleed for 3 bags but just need to bleed for a bigger size bag. Sort of like a XL bag or somesort. Virgin attempt and want to scare me like that meh.What? Just triple bag? I thought they are going to take like 100 bags and I am prepared to take it like a man I am, not like some sissies who donate only one bag. How dissapointed I am. Ahem.
Not long after, yours truly are called for the blood presssure checking and some Q&A with the doctor on duty and then after given the green light, proceed to another mouth covering guy who then proceed to prick me with a sharp contraption until I bleed to take some blood sample. Just like ant bite like that.

Pricking in process
 Until it bleeds
Blood sample testing
After the blood testing, we have to wait again until our names are called for the blood farming to begin. There are quite a few red cresent kids around to help out. Gaining experience on blood farming I guess, so that next time they can do the farming instead of just watching. Practical training yo.

Not long after, it is yours truly turn to be blood farmed. The person in charge of my blood farming is quite knowledgeable in what she is doing (thank god) and in no time at all the farming started without even feeling anything. No pain, no nothing. Strange, somehow I visualized that it will be painful and all my man tear and sweat will come out pouring. Oh the dissapointment. Ahem.
Injected with some blood vessel enlarging drug
**Me thinks
Poking it in
It's In
Let the blood farming begins
Sample blood taken for testing
Yet another view of the farming
Shhhh~~~ Farming in progress
Almost full
The whole one bag blood farming is quite fast. I think is less than 5 minutes if I am not mistaken. When it's full, they will take it off and put a plaster/band aid just in case the blood still dripping out. But real man like yours truly doesn't need some sissy ass band aid. So what if it drips, yours truly will just drink it all up. Ahem..
One bag of premium blood
The premium blood being packed
Ready for Consumption
Sample of band aid....Ahem
Time flies when you are having fun. The whole process of the blood donation is around 20 minutes plus the waiting. When we want to leave already, we are stopped and given some goodies as a token of appreciation for our blood. 
Non-woven bag full of goodies
Oiseh, got one pack of rice somemore

There you have it....

Yours Truly virgin bleeding experience.

It's for a noble cause.

Remember to donate blood if you can.

Donating blood is good mmmmmkay~~~~~~

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