Monday, September 7, 2009

Search Google

***Note: Names are substituted with just an alphabet to protect the endangered species. E is a friend and B is Yours Truly. The conversation might have been modified to emphasize on the point but generally the essence of the conversation is maintained. You get my point.

Conversation 1

E: Eh, I need to find a midi sound lar. How to find?

B: Go ask Uncle Google

E: Already but all images lar. I want sound. How leh?

B: Go Google search the keyword "midi sound download"

E: You mean I have to do search???? Google can search???

B: YES!!!! You have to DO SEARCH using Google and Oh yes Google can search and definitely yes you have to click the search button after you typed in the keyword.

E: Oh, I see I see.

B: -_-"

***Side note: Oh yes, I can foresee new hit T-Shirt Series

 T-Shirt 1

T-Shirt 2

T-Shirt 3

T-Shirt 4

T-Shirt 5

***Yet another side note: Please note that this post is not posted to make fun anyone. I blame it on Google. Google is teh failz since there are still people who doesn't know that they can search using Google or Google can search. Yep, Google is to blame. =p

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  1. Yo ~ That's really hilarious...and i have been thinking there, is it me?? but luckily nope, I dont recall I have such conversation with you and I do know that Google do "Search"...

    Btw, your T-shirt series are creative with those words. Can consider sending the idea to those T-shirt manufacturers... Hehehe


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