Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Mini Bird Race 2009

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If you are a Nature lover or Bird Lover and you just so happen to be in Kuching on the 4th October 2009, join the Mini Bird Race 2009.

No, you don't go and race the birds to compete with each other. You go and watch em birds and record em birdies. 

Then it should have been Mini Bird Watch or Mini Bird Recordings or something along that line. 

Anyway, quoted directly:

The Mini Bird Race returns for the 2nd time with more activities and plenty of fun. The Mini Bird Race 2009 is jointly organised by Borneo Highlands Resort together with Malaysian Nature Society aiming to promote the love and appreciation of nature amongst the community.

What is A Bird Race?
A bird race is a “fun race” where teams of two or more compete against each other in searching, identifying, and recording as many species of birds within a stipulated time.

4 October 2009 (Sunday)

Penrissen Range, Borneo Highlands Resort, Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia

For more information, go to the event website at

There you have it. 

Mini Bird Race 2009


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