Saturday, September 12, 2009

Blue Screen

***Note: Names are substituted with just an alphabet to protect the endangered species. E is a friend and B is Yours Truly. The conversation might have been modified to emphasize on the point but generally the essence of the conversation is maintained. You get my point.

Conversation 2

E: Oi, yesterday the blue screen come visiting me lar.

B: Oh? What happened?

E: I think my thumbdrive corrupted lar. I cannot find a folder that I had before inside but all other folder still there lah. The folder is not visible lah.

B: Oh? Maybe its hidden gua.

E: Hidden? How to see hidden file?

B: First go to your thumbdrive then go to Tools > Folder Options > View > Show Hidden File and voila you can see hidden files.

E: Eh, no boh. Only go Error Checking, Defragmentation, and Backup boh. I right click mah.

B: Don't right click, go to your thumbdrive, open it then go to the top menu then go to Tools > Folder Options > View > Show Hidden File

E: Still don't have boh. I right click then cannot see boh.

B: For the love of God, don't right click. Please don't right click. Right click is bad mmkay. No right click. Right click here now is evil. Just go to your thumbdrive then go to Tools > Folder Options > View > Show Hidden File.

E: Oh, okok.

*****And the conversation continues in a similar manner for around 5 minutes........After 5 minutes*****

E: So, how to see hidden file again ha? Teach me lah....

B: -_-" ****vomits blood and instantly drop to the ground cold and hard****

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Right Click
Right Click1
Right Click2
***Side note: Please note that this post is not posted to make fun of anyone. It is my fault that I tried to help and bring myself to utter self destruction as shown in the conversation. Ahem***


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  2. Hilarioussss ~ Are u sure that this is a real-life conversation or u just pluck it from some jokes column???? Hahaha ~ You can submit this jokes to the jokes column, i bet you might win urself a prize ~


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