Friday, September 25, 2009

Farmville is Evil

***Note: Names are substituted with just an alphabet to protect the endangered species. C is a friend and B is Yours Truly. The conversation might have been modified to emphasize on the point but generally the essence of the conversation is maintained. You get my point.

Conversation 3

C: Eh, Can help me harvest my Farmville or not? I go travelling leh. 

B: Just one day don't harvest cannot ah? Don't want lar, I don't play Farmville. Farmville is evil mmkay.

C: Why you say Farmville is evil???? Huh??? ***Defensive mode kicks in***

B: Because of the fact that people will get addicted to it and everyday routinely zombie-like go and harvest their farm in Farmville wasting their time over something virtual. And all addicting stuffs are evil because one cannot control oneself once addicted.

C: Eh, who says I am addicted to Farmville??? I am not addicted to Farmville lar. I can stop playing whenever I want.

B: You sure? Then no need to ask me to help you harvest lor. Just leave it for one day then after that harvest when you have the time loh. And since you say Farmville is not addictive and you are not addicted to harvesting Farmville, that should not be a problem to you. Unless of course you are addicted and really have to harvest daily.

C: I am not addicted to Farmville and I can prove it. I will stop harvesting and don't need anybody help in harvesting. No way I am addicted to Farmville.

B: Ok. Then there is no need for me to help you lor.

C: Help me harvest my Farmville lar. Help me lar. Harvest.... Harvest...

B: WTF?? But you say you are not addicted and can prove it by not harvesting a day?

C: Fine. I will prove it that I am not addicted to Farmville.

***After 5 minutes of silence***

C: So, you want to help me harvest my Farmville when I am travelling or not? 

B: -_-"

Conclusion: Farmville is evil mmmmkay


  1. hahaha...i am also addicted to farmville ~ Now everyday need to go and harvest...

  2. I used to play this very long time ago.... Never addicted....


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