Monday, April 20, 2009

Quality of Local Graduates

If you have not read the news regarding the case where a lecturer is victimized just because of being strict in the marking then you should.

And you wonder why the graduates need to be trained even after they graduated? Even more in English? They need the working experience, yes but retraining is just plain wastage of funds. The graduates should be already be trained in the basic necessary skills in their respective program especially communication or in this case English. And if you are saying that English is not important then why the need to retrain them after they graduate? Does that makes sense to you?

And yet you wonder why on earth are there that many unemployed graduates around especially local graduates. Although the education system is to blame which ultimately contributed to the said scenario but not all blame/fault goes to the system. You yourself have to strive for excellence and always need to have the desire to search for knowledge and skills. Knowledge hunger so to speak. 

There is this famous slogan or phrase, "Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish" which actually indicates that one need to always be hungry in order for them to make effort for betterment and one needs to stay foolish to always search for knowledge. Learning is an ongoing process till one day when you are six feet under.

The world does not owe you a living but apparently a lot of people here thinks so and thus leads to lots of inefficiency and ineffectiveness. 

That is all lah.

My england is not that good also.

Can understand ma also can sudahlah.

Ending my ramblings lah.

La La La La La

It seems that there are those who felt offended with me saying that the local graduates quality leave less to be desired. Obviously they are local graduates cuz if not why would they be offended?

Anyway, yours truly am the authentic local education system product. All the way up to my post graduate studies. Heck, they should make me into the Education Minister since I know and have gone through the system. Ahem. That's right. Vote for me. Ahem.

The point of this article is that if the situation or scenario can't be changed then change yourself for the best. Again, the world does not owe you a living. Quit sulking and face it like a man or woman you are. Ahem.

If it makes you feel better, not all of the oversea graduates are any better also. Ahem. That I know for a fact. Ahem.


  1. Your England not good? I teach you lar, cause my England very Powderful. lol Anyway, I'm a fresh grad and honestly, I'm not a good in English. :)

  2. yeah...i agree with u geh applies to all things actually...not only in all comes bck to that individual itself...practise makes perfect and i belief that it does...make sure u practise with good ethic...cos one can make oneself to be really professional in a field n yet without ethic...thats bad...

  3. Quality of local graduates.

    I think this article can still be recycled if someone were to substitute the word 'graduate' with 'employer', 'people', 'systems', 'thinking', or even 'government'...

  4. I heard of the "Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish" only this time. The way you explained it, that makes sense then. Only I understood it differently, haha.


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