Thursday, April 2, 2009

Part of Chinese Culture

Part of Chinese Culture?????

Are you sure~~~~?????


I might be wrong or mistaken but that certainly looks like modern dance/sexy dance/non-traditional Chinese dance.

Since when that becomes part of Chinese culture?????

Well, maybe I don't know Chinese culture that well.

I should go over and learn the Chinese culture. Not dance. Maybe ogle. Yeah, by ogling will help learn the culture faster. Ahem. 

Shake Yer Bomm Bomm

Shake Yer Bomm Bomm

Excuse me. I shall take my leave now. 

Although I am a "banana", I still need to learn the Chinese culture mmmmkay.

p/s: Joking aside, I am driving back to Sibu tomorrow. So, BenardCometh Revelations might be full of spiderwebs when I am back again. Heck, there might be some spiders crawling about during my absence.

Kampua and Gong Pia, here I come.

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