Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Freak Car Accident

Updates: Alright it was a Camry... Ahem... 

KUCHING: In what seems to be a freak car accident discovered early this morning at around 6.50AM, a Toyota Vios was seen resting in the gutters aka longkang at the Jalan Song, Kuching stretch. No other visible vehicle that may have caused the freak accident seen in a radius of 10KM indicating that the Toyota Vios was involved in a self accident scenario.
Car Accident
Apparently when the car crashed into the gutter, it is still driven for quite a while along the gutter's wall that is due to the fact that the car is seen quite a distance from the crash point of entry. Another possibility would be that the car was driven in such high speed that upon impact, the car still have the momentum to move to a distance from the crash entry.
Crash Entry
Nevertheless, the accident scene is not a pretty sight. There should be no casualties as there was no blood trails or stains seen at the accident scene. Initial investigation comes up with a conclusion that the driver must be drunk to be involved in self accident of that manner.

However, BenardCometh Revelations are not ruling out any other possibilities. Things happen. Perhaps it was something supernatural. Yes, you heard me. Supernatural. Look behind you. Booo. 

Here, another two close up pictures of the accident.
Car Accident Closeup
Crash Entry Closeup

Don't Drink and Drive

You can make a difference.

If it was supernatural, then you are screwed any how. Doesn't matter. Ahem.
And no, this is not an April Fool joke. 

Anyway, Happy April Fool people and may you have fun fooling other people and not be fooled.

Drive safe.


  1. Now benardcometh become conan the detective ald huh ? can make good investigation.. would you take up some job.. want to have someone check

  2. Sherlock Holmes hat on... =).. Take up a job? What do you mean? Can just email me if you want. =)


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