Thursday, July 28, 2011

Of Damage Control & Public Relations

**So, this is a continuation of a previous post. The Of Brand Name, Fitness & Integrity post.**

When Yours Truly checked the email today, was actually quite surprised to receive email that explain the incident last night at the gym. Prompt action is always good. Prompt explanation is even better.

The email reply from the gym's management

Lets do some brief analysis of the damage control PR done by the management shall we?

First, the boss himself comes to see what is the situation about when he can just send some staff to come and find out what is wrong. If he did the latter, then the situation would becomes uglier. 
Damage control PR pass

Second, the boss listened and prompt action is taken to find the junior staff involved  shows that he is aware and is trying to manage the situation. 
Damage control PR pass

Third, the boss answer questions and is considered responsive which by doing so will calm nerves of people involved and make the situation more manageable. 
Damage control PR pass

Fourth, prompt explanation and feedback on what the heck happened and what is taken to prevent it to happen. The speed of the response is good. Prompt reply makes people less angry and shows that the management is actually concerned on the matter. However the prevention methods somehow is not convincing enough. 
Damage control PR neutral.

Fifth, offering compensation that is not even convenient actually shows that the management is not really sincere on apologizing to the members/person involved. Whether they take it or not then that a different story. 
Damage control PR fail

Sixth, by comparing to other gym in KL doesn't really help and actually would do more harm. There is no reason to compare to other gym and at some other location some more. We are talking about your gym and by comparing to other gym shows that the management tries to actually justify a wrong.
Damage control PR fail

Seventh, by doing the same thing and expecting a different result is suicide. By saying that the same procedure that caused the incident will be done the same way but the difference is that will be monitored closely is actually back to square one. The procedures maybe the best effective procedures but if the implementation of the procedures are half assed then it is no use at all.
Damage control PR fail

Overall, considered ok lah the damage control PR for the incident that happened since got around 50% pass. Although there is still some "boh songzzness".

Ok lah, decided to go to gym tonight. After all am paying for it anyway. See how it goes from there lah. As for the VIP locker usage, won't take also lah. That is not the point. VIP or not, if it is still internal problem or internal security matters, it will still happen again. Some more, it is not even convenient to use. No thanks lah. Will have to bring my belongings with me where ever I go in the gym. Better to depend on myself **Ahem**

That is all lah.

Ja ne~~~

P/S: Did not strike Jackpot but it is a sign. Shall strike it one day!!!!! =p

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