Thursday, July 28, 2011

Of Brand Name, Fitness & Integrity

***What the heck with the title like that you must be thinking. Well, I don't know also. It came to my mind just like that so it shall remain so.***



You must be thinking what the heck is wrong with Yours Truly today? Doesn't he know that there are kids reading his blog?? 

And so the story revealed.

So, Yours Truly go to the gym tonight.

As usual, Yours Truly does some cardio and chest exercises.

Then, somehow felt an urge to go to the sauna and go back earlier.

Thus, Yours Truly haul his lazy ass to the men's locker.

Then at the locker room, a teenager who is wearing the gym's T-Shirt opens a locker that somewhat looks like my locker. Oblivious to my presence, he closed and locked the locker and walked to the toilet area, then I checked my locker key number and in a moment of disbelief and stunned, saw that the locker opened by the teenager just now IS my locker.

That is when Yours Truly shouted "WHAT THE FUCK!!!" and turn around to go after the teenager.

As Yours Truly turn around, the teenager stands there as if stunned and proceed to pass back my wallet. 
***Maybe it was my lion roar that reached to his conscience or maybe he knows that he cannot escape as there is only one entrance to go out unless he jumped out from the window.***

Damn, that teenager is a smart one. By honestly admitting that he is wrong he somewhat cool down the fire that almost fuel the violent BenardCometh to resurface after so many years of remain dormant. Had he tried to run without giving back my wallet, he would not be in any recognizable shape now. Like what the Hulk says, "You don't like me when I am angry....Hulk Smash!!!!!"

The shocking thing is that he USED a KEY to open my locker as I remembered when he passed back my wallet. That is also when I shouted to him, "HOW THE FUCK DID YOU OPEN MY LOCKER"? as I thought he is a gym member also and that he used other locker key to open my locker or that he had the master key to open the lockers. That is probably the reason why I was in disbelief and stunned for a moment in the first place. I mean, one of the reason why I sign up to the gym is that I believed in the integrity of the gym's name or rather the owner. Believed that they would have proper secure methods or procedures that will prevent such incident. 

"Go report to the management", the other gym members at the men's locker advised. The funny thing is that there is one uncle who kept on thanking me as he frantically open his locker to check his belongings. That is when the teenager goes out of the men's locker room. Yours Truly did not chase after him as there is nothing stolen and from the looks of it, the management is largely at fault here. If it was a break in then that is is different story, but to have a KEY to open the locker is definitely internal.

Wearing back my shoes, packed and proceed to the counter to make a report together with my friend. Did not even bother to bath because felt rather disappointed and not secure to put my belongings back to the locker. 

Found out that the teenager is a part timer at the gym and that somehow **better to not disclose here** he got hold of the keys that can open all the lockers. Imagine that. All the lockers. At that point, I don't even want to pursue or take action to the teenager. At the very least the teenager is honest and did not die die denies it. Believe me when I say I have encountered people who die die denies what they did. It did not end with a good ending. The teenager deserves a second chance based on that point alone since the management is largely at fault here. 

Come on, a junior staff to have access to the locker keys unsupervised? That is like dangling a fish in front of a cat. Never underestimate temptation. Not everyone is like Yours Truly. Got study "Di Zhi Kui" one boh. Ahem. Hence, Yours Truly leave it to the management to handle the teenager.

My friend is even more agitated than I am and I understand also because he also goes to the same gym and worries that such thing will happen again. Which is also why he does most of the talking to the gym's boss. He is after all a paying customer. As great minds think alike**Ahem**, we wanted to know what can be done or rather what will be done to prevent such thing from happening again. The trust is lost.

The boss explains and admit that they are at fault which is also a clever move. Never ever tries to deny if you know that you are at fault or push responsibilities to others. You will only make it worse. Be a man. Man up and things would get a whole lot better. At least better than what will happen by denying responsibilities. 

Then the gym's boss even offered to give us free usage of VIP locker as compensation to the traumatic and nerve wrecking incident but we declined. Ok, maybe not to say traumatic and nerve wrecking but it does still leave a sour aftertaste kind of feeling when we left. 

So, we declined the compensation because our objective is to let the management know so that action can be taken to improve on the security methods and also to prevent such thing from happening again. If we did not report, surely there will be some members' wallet or belongings stolen. Then it will be a big hoo haa.

It is not so much of the compensation that we are thinking about. It is the fact that we signed up for two years which means that we will be going to the gym often. If every time we go to the gym with worries that our belongings are not safe then there is no point of going right? When you worry, you can't really exercise you know? 

If we are not ensured or have the confident and trust in the gym, there is really no point of continuing. Might as well go to another gym correct? Anyhow, see first how the management explain on this matter and maybe will go few more times to see if can still feel confident with the gym or not.


And the story continues at the next post titled Of Damage Control & Public Relations

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