Friday, July 8, 2011

Femes Green Noodle @ Chong Chon, 3rd Mile Kuching

Yay, BenardCometh Revelations Food Post is Back!!!!

Yes, Yours Truly am happy for himself. 

I really don't do my DSLR justice. heck, I posted more pictures when I only had my trusty compact camera. Trusty Canon Compact Camera. Now I am a Nikon fan boy since I got the D90. Go ahead, tell me how great Canon is. I will only be convinced if you give me a 5D MKII. Ahem.

Anyway, if you are from Kuching and have not heard of a femes aka famous place to eat green noodle then you are NOT from Kuching. You must be from somewhere else who have the delusion that you are local Kuching people when you are not. Poor you. Better go get some professional help. Ahem.

I mean nowadays people are into all those green stuffs, those organic eco-health wellness kind of thing and those healthy living eating something which may just have contributed to the popularity of the green noodle. It is hyped to be made from spinach. You know spinach now don't you? 

So, when you try to tell them that the green noodle is just rice flour or something mixed with green colouring and it is not exactly green food as in eco-food, they will look at you one kind and using a chopstick to pick some strands of the green noodle and look blankly to your face and says , "What do you mean it is not GREEN?".

Maybe yours truly should stop trying to be funny or stop making anymore cold jokes. Just go straight to the point aye?

So, the Famous aka Femes green noodle is located at Chong Chon at 3rd Mile. The coffee shop is near Dong Guan restaurant and behind McDonald. 

On with the pictures shall we?

 The most common drink - The Teh C Peng

The said Femes Green Noodle

They also serve laksa which is not bad also

Lastly, what me loike is that they innovate - Presenting Beef Green Noodle

The verdict?

Yours will give the Kopi Tiam a 7 revelations out of 10 revelations.

BenardCometh Revelations judging style yo~~

Ja ne~~

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