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Rooster in the Year of the Tiger 2010 Chinese Horoscope & Feng Shui

*** Note: I am no expert in this feng shui horoscope thing and the followings are sourced from multiple sources and compiled together for your easy viewing. Am I nice or am I nice?. Ahem. This is the part for the Rooster.***

The Chinese Horoscope or Zodiac Rooster. Also known as Chicken to some. Me thinks Rooster is for male and Chicken is for female, no? Rooster = Chicken.

So, what is in store for the Rooster in the Year of the Tiger? In case if you are still blur on the whole 12 Animal Zodiacs that the Chinese Horoscope has, then probably this post can help you. The Chinese Horoscope/Zodiac post is about how the 12 animals are chosen as zodiacs and their cycle.

Anyway, this post will be about Rooster in the Year of the Tiger 2010 Chinese Horoscope & Feng Shui. So, are you a "Rooster"?. The followings are some information on being a Rooster in the Year of the Tiger 2010. Some horoscope and feng shui matters.

You are a Rooster if you are born in:
1909, 1921, 1933, 1945, 1957, 1969, 1981, 1993, 2005.

Generally, as there is no special affiliation between Rooster and Tiger, this should be an average period for the Rooster this year. The lucky Purple Star and Dragon Star come for Rooster people in 2010. They indicate that power, support and leadership may fall upon your shoulders. 

This is a very good sign for your career; there is a chance of promotion or even pay raise. Therefore, money luck comes after career. Your wealth will increase mainly from your salary, not from the easy investment. However, there is an Unlucky Loss Star hiding in the corner. 

That means there is a chance of failure because of your mistake or negligence. In the year of Metal Tiger, the personality of Rooster people will become more domineering, arrogant and irritable. This makes it easy to have arguments with Rooster people. 

The social relationship is very important for Rooster people in this year. The poor people relationship might turn the fortune of Tiger year into a different direction. Therefore, Rooster people need to watch their words and deeds in 2010.


The Purple Star appears in the year of Tiger. This means that Rooster people will have the chance to show their talent to people and have the opportunity to act in a leadership role. The Dragon Star implies Rooster people can get help whenever they encounter an obstacle or trouble. 

Therefore, the career luck is for Rooster people is pretty good. Their job responsibilities will increase and the power of position will expand. A job promotion, job relocation or pay raise are possible. Because another Big Loss Star coming in the same year, there is a chance of up and down in the career path in 2010. 

Rooster people will have a stronger, determined and domineering personality. It's very important for Rooster people to pay attention with their expressions and behaviors when dealing with people to eliminate the chance that your enemies may stab you in the back.


Rooster people have good money luck in the Metal Tiger year. The major income will come from your career. If you own a business, then Purple Star and Dragon Star will help you to bring in more customers and increase your business profit. 

If you work for someone, in order to increase more income, you still need the help from your friends, supporters or helpers around. Since the Unlucky Star is there, the money luck might have a chance to become unstable. 

Therefore, Rooster people still need to watch for the budget and do extra savings, in case that you need a big unexpected expense in the near future. Rooster people shouldn't do any short-term risky investment. There is no lottery, gambling or windfall luck in 2010.


There is no particular Love Star or Romantic Star coming into Rooster people's lives. Therefore, if you are single, then you need to be patience for wait for your true love. It's tough to find someone you like by yourself. 

But you will have more chance to find a good match who is introduced by your friends or someone always cares you. If you have girl friend or boy friend, then your love relationship will be up and down. Rooster people need to control their temper to avoid the argument and possibly ruin the relationship. Married people might focus more on career and forget about expressing love to their spouses.


The health of Rooster people is fair in 2010. It's easy for Rooster people get scared or shocked in the Tiger year. One Unlucky Star implies that Rooster people have a chance to get accident.  If there is an injury, it might be related to Metal. 

Therefore, Rooster people need to pay attention on the safety at home, at work, traveling and driving. Since you have the Dragon Star and Purple Star in 2010, therefore any health issue shouldn't become a big problem.


Basically, Rooster people have a good luck in year of Tiger, because of two major Lucky Stars. The major event in the Metal Tiger year is related to money. The money is connected to friends, siblings, money and father. 

It's also connected to spouse for male Rooster people. That means your money luck determined by the relationship with them. Therefore, you need to maintain good social and family relationships. There is a chance that Tiger year brings Rooster people good career luck and money luck together. 

But Rooster people shouldn't become arrogant, self-satisfied or conceited. Your speeches and actions might change your fortune in 2010. It's possible that a mistake can cause the loss of a job, money loss, a broken heart or even an injury. Rooster Horoscope may face some competition this year especially relating to your career.

Compatible Animal Signs with the Rooster in the Year of the Tiger
Good - Ox (Cow), Snake, Dragon
Conflict - Rabbit, Dog, Rooster (Chicken)

P/S: My personal opinion is that; please do not be too fanatic or be too immersed about the horoscope. If it says that it will be a bad year for you, no reason to be all panicky and go find whatever solution you can find. Work hard with good attitude or if you are doing your own business, no reason to sulk but instead try to find ways to improve and make your business a success. Likewise if it is predicted to be a good year, there is no reason to slow down and wait for the fortune to come. It all depends on oneself and be positive at all times. It might work wonders. So there.

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