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Dragon in the Year of the Tiger 2010 Chinese Horoscope & Feng Shui

*** Note: I am no expert in this feng shui horoscope thing and the followings are sourced from multiple sources and compiled together for your easy viewing. Am I nice or am I nice?. Ahem. This is the part for the Dragon.***

The Chinese Horoscope or Zodiac Dragon. Dragon is a mythical beast from Chinese legends. Well, not only Chinese but there are variety of Dragon legends all around the world. Dragon for Chinese is revered as a heavenly beast, a creature of power and magic. Which is why you see the emperors of China like to wear Dragon motive patterns. 

So, what is in store for the Dragon in the Year of the Tiger? In case if you are still blur on the whole 12 Animal Zodiacs that the Chinese Horoscope has, then probably this post can help you. The Chinese Horoscope/Zodiac post is about how the 12 animals are chosen as zodiacs and their cycle.

Anyway, this post will be about Dragon in the Year of the Tiger 2010 Chinese Horoscope & Feng Shui. So, are you a "Dragon"?. The followings are some information on being a Dragon in the Year of the Tiger 2010. Some horoscope and feng shui matters.

You are a Dragon if you are born in:
1904, 1916, 1928, 1940, 1952, 1964, 1976, 1988, 2000.

Dragon and Tiger have their powers on their own territory. When Dragon meets Tiger, they respect each other. (Respect each other? For sure? A Dragon can kick a Tiger ass anytime of the day... Respect? Yeah right. Respect my fragrance ass. =p). 

They usually don't fight unless different animals have affinity relationship with them. That means Dragon won't get any benefit from Tiger. This implies the fortune of most Dragon people in 2010 is fair. Also, this Metal Tiger year brings more Unlucky Stars than Lucky Stars to Dragon people. 

Therefore, Dragon people need to stay alert on their investments, keep focusing on their daily work, and watch their words and behaviors in their social life to avoid any indiscretion to cause money loss. There is no Love Sign showing for Dragon people in 2010. 

The health of Dragon people in the Tiger year will be fine, but they need to pay more attention on the health of family members. Generally, as the Dragon and Tiger are not very compatible with each other, you can expect a little difficulty for the Dragon this year.


One Lucky Star appears in Career area. It indicates that your position power or job responsibility will increase. But it comes with one Unlucky Star which stands for disagreement or argument with people. The Metal Tiger is a good year to show your talent, express your idea and emphasize your performance to the people. 

There is a chance that people appreciate your working quality and quantity, and then the opportunity of promotion will arrive. On the other hand, you will need to build working relationships with people who support you or your subordinates. Because of your outstanding performance, people are watching you all the time. 

You need to pay attention on your behavior even after working hours. Your reputation will determine your career luck. If you have children, then you might spend more time with them or worry about something related to them. If you are married female with children, then you might not have enough time to take care your husband, children and your own career in the same time.


There is no significant Money luck coming in 2010. The major income should come from your salary. Salary is not easy money. It requires lots of energy and brain power to overcome the pressure of getting it, so you need to plan your budget, watch your expenses, and then you will have the savings. Since there is no lottery or windfall luck, Dragon people shouldn't do any risky short-term investment or gambling in the year of Tiger.


No Love sign appears in the Metal Tiger year. The emotion of Dragon people is unpredictable, therefore the love relationship of Dragon People in 2010 is unstable. If you are still single, then you will need some patience to wait for your true love. 

If you have a close friend, then you will need to control your temper to maintain the love relationship. If you are married, then you need to avoid argument in your marriage life. If you are single female, then you have better opportunity to meet the opposite sex. But females need to watch their actions and talk to avoid hurting man's dignity.


There is an Unlucky Star appearing in health area. If your job requires traveling or driving, then you need to pay attention to safety to prevent from accidents when you are not at home. If you are female, then you need to make sure to visit your doctor for physical examination. 

If you have senior elders at home, you need to well take care them. If you have children at home, do not ignore them because of your busy career. If you don't feel well, then try not to visit sick people or attend a funeral.


You have fair luck in 2010. The major event in the Metal Tiger year is related to your career and reputation. A stable career determines your money income. To build people relationships to enhance your reputation is the key to keep your job safe. 

Although there are signs of argument, law event, accident and hospitalization in 2010, you will be fine as long as you watch for your safety often. The health to your should be OK. You just have to be concerned about the health of the people closest to you. If you have children, make sure to spend time with them. 
Dragon Horoscope may have very bad wealth opportunities this year 
but may have some study opportunities this year.

Compatible Animal Signs with the Dragon in the Year of the Tiger
Good - Rat, Rooster, Monkey
Conflict - Tiger, Ox, Dog

P/S: My personal opinion is that; please do not be too fanatic or be too immersed about the horoscope. If it says that it will be a bad year for you, no reason to be all panicky and go find whatever solution you can find. Work hard with good attitude or if you are doing your own business, no reason to sulk but instead try to find ways to improve and make your business a success. Likewise if it is predicted to be a good year, there is no reason to slow down and wait for the fortune to come. It all depends on oneself and be positive at all times. It might work wonders. So there.

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