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Monkey in the Year of the Tiger 2010 Chinese Horoscope & Feng Shui

*** Note: I am no expert in this feng shui horoscope thing and the followings are sourced from multiple sources and compiled together for your easy viewing. Am I nice or am I nice?. Ahem. This is the part for the Monkey.***

The Chinese Horoscope or Zodiac Monkey. So, what is in store for the Monkey in the Year of the Tiger? In case if you are still blur on the whole 12 Animal Zodiacs that the Chinese Horoscope has, then probably this post can help you. The Chinese Horoscope/Zodiac post is about how the 12 animals are chosen as zodiacs and their cycle.

Anyway, this post will be about Monkey in the Year of the Tiger 2010 Chinese Horoscope & Feng Shui. So, are you a "Monkey"?. The followings are some information on being a Monkey in the Year of the Tiger 2010. Some horoscope and feng shui matters.

You are a Monkey if you are born in:
1908, 1920, 1932, 1944, 1956, 1968, 1980, 1992, 2004.

Generally, as the Monkey and Tiger are not very compatible with each other, you can expect a little difficulty for the Monkey this year. Monkey is too active, so Tiger doesn't like Monkey. Tiger and Monkey have fighting relationship in Chinese horoscope. 

This is not a good sign for Monkey people in 2010. There is a Travel Star coming in the year of Tiger. That implies that you will be busy for your work, your business or your people relationship all year long. Your busy schedule doesn't guarantee a good return from your time and energy, because an unstable sign is there. 

Some other Unlucky Stars also come to Monkey people. There is money luck from salary, but with a sign of money loss. The love relationship is up and down. Since Monkey people will have more outdoor activities, they have to pay attention the safety while traveling or driving. 

Fortunately, one Lucky Helper Star also appearing in year of Tiger. Hopefully, Monkey people can find someone to help when they encounter a big trouble.


Because of the appearance of the Travel Star, Monkey people have to work hard and are very busy for money. They will have more coordination, discussion, visiting, interview tasks in the office. They might have to visit their clients more often, travel out of town for errands, or even go abroad for business trips. 

The job income will come from the traveling. Because of a tight schedule, Monkey people should plan well for each traveling. Otherwise, they might have to do something twice and create more frustrations for their time. There is a chance to find a new job position. 

But you need to evaluate the new career position carefully before quitting the current job. This is because that Tiger won't let things go smoothly for Monkey people's business. In general, the motto of the career luck is moving with caution is a better than standing still.


There is a Money Star appearing in 2010 for Monkey people. That indicates Monkey people have money opportunity. However, the money luck is fair. You don't have good luck in easy investments, lottery or gambling. The major money income is from your regular job. 

As long as your job keeps you busy, then you will have a stable salary income. One Unlucky Star shows the sign of money loss. Therefore, Monkey people should avoid short-term risky investment. Next, Monkey people shouldn't provide a loan or endorse financial assistance on any contract to friends or relatives. 

When the money becomes an issue, then your friendships will hurt a lot. Monkey people also need to stay alert for safety while traveling. Any accident might cause you a big money loss.


Because Monkey and Tiger cannot get along well at all, the people relationship of Monkey People is very poor in 2010. If you are single, you need to be patient while waiting for your true love. You might have more chances to meet someone while traveling. 

So you can increase your social activities that are outdoors to enhance your romantic luck. If you have a girl friend or boy friend, then your love relationship will be like mixing hot and cold. This is a temporary sign from 2010, the relationship will improve in 2011 as long as you can keep it.

 If you are discussing the marriage, then you need to spend time and focus on this event and make a firm and quick decision. Otherwise, many tiny issues will become big troubles. If you are married, then you should remember to express your love and concern to your spouse often even if you are very busy with your career or you are out of town for an errand.


The career sign shows Monkey people might have to spend more time for their daily jobs. Therefore, Monkey people need to remember to take a break to save their energy during their busy schedules. Another thing is that Monkey people must pay attention to the safety at work or travel. 

The reason is that an Unlucky Star shows a chance of body exhaustion, accident or injury in the year of Tiger. As long as you care about your safety and health, you should be fine, because a Lucky Helper Star is still around. Also, Monkey people need to try avoid water related activities at rivers, beaches, lakes or oceans. A pregnant woman needs to pay attention to the health of the baby.


The major event of Monkey people in 2010 is the money. All the pressure from the career is for the money income. The tension of the job is up and down. Your mood and emotion will become unstable. Since a Lucky Star appearing in this year, many jobs will show difficulty at the beginning, but will become easier later. 

The money comes in a hard way. Therefore Monkey people need to budget their expense and save extra earnings for emergency use. Even if you have extra money, then do not loan money to anyone without a collateral value. Certainly, do not get a loan from people for your investment. 

Next, Monkey people need to manage their social relationships carefully in the year of Tiger. Bad people relationships might impact your money luck. People who have poor money luck usually won't have a good love relationship. Therefore, the key for Monkey people's fortune in the Tiger year is to build good people relationship and avoid any competition and/or arguments with your enemies. Monkey Horoscope must avoid being too emotional this year, else you may get hurt on relationship issues.

Compatible Animal Signs with the Monkey in the Year of the Tiger
Good - Dragon, Rat
Conflict - Tiger, Horse

P/S: My personal opinion is that; please do not be too fanatic or be too immersed about the horoscope. If it says that it will be a bad year for you, no reason to be all panicky and go find whatever solution you can find. Work hard with good attitude or if you are doing your own business, no reason to sulk but instead try to find ways to improve and make your business a success. Likewise if it is predicted to be a good year, there is no reason to slow down and wait for the fortune to come. It all depends on oneself and be positive at all times. It might work wonders. So there.

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