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Horse in the Year of the Tiger 2010 Chinese Horoscope & Feng Shui

*** Note: I am no expert in this feng shui horoscope thing and the followings are sourced from multiple sources and compiled together for your easy viewing. Am I nice or am I nice?. Ahem. This is the part for the Horse.***

The Chinese Horoscope or Zodiac Horse. So, what is in store for the Horse in the Year of the Tiger? In case if you are still blur on the whole 12 Animal Zodiacs that the Chinese Horoscope has, then probably this post can help you. The Chinese Horoscope/Zodiac post is about how the 12 animals are chosen as zodiacs and their cycle.

Anyway, this post will be about Horse in the Year of the Tiger 2010 Chinese Horoscope & Feng Shui. So, are you a "Horse"?. The followings are some information on being a Horse in the Year of the Tiger 2010. Some horoscope and feng shui matters.

You are a Horse if you are born in:
1906, 1918, 1930, 1942, 1954, 1966, 1978, 1990, 2002.

Generally, as the Horse and Tiger have good affiliation with each other, you can expect things to good more smoothly for the Horse this year. Horse people didn't have a great luck last two years. 2010 is a turning point year. There are three Lucky Stars coming into Horse people life in the same time. 

They are Power Star, Scholarship Star and Financial Star. That means career opportunity, good reputation and money luck are pretty good in the year of Tiger. Plus, people and love relationships are good in 2010. The only bad news for Horse people is that the villains are still around. 

Since you have good income, they are quite interested in your money. Therefore, do not covet the a small profit, otherwise it will return to you as a big money loss. Then it follows up with an argument or poor health.


There is a Power Star appearing in 2010. This Power Star stands for leadership, management and decision-making. It's very clear that a job opportunity is waiting for Horse people. In the year of the Tiger, Horse people's job responsibility will increase. 

Your project will go smoothly, your schedule will be under your control and the progress will be satisfactory. If you need help, then people will be around. As long as your business development direction meets the company's expectation, then there is a chance of promotion. However, you still need to pay attention on job detail. Any negligence or mistake you make will provide the chance for your enemy to block your career path.


A Financial Star related to money management comes to Horse people. That implies you have more money income and you will consider money investment or money management. Metal Tiger year also contains a sign of money. 

That means you will spend more time on money related events than the previous year. The money luck is good, but you still have the chance to lose money in the other end. Because you are richer, villains behind you are waiting for your donation. 

Don't make any contribution for the reason of saving face. Don't be greedy or lazy to invest money without studying the business opportunity. Thus, Horse people will have good savings in the year of Tiger.


In Chinese Horoscope, Horse and Tiger have attraction relationship. That indicates Horse people have good social relationship in 2010. If you are single, then it's easy to find a person you can talk with. Later both of you will get along pretty well. 

If you already have girl friend or boy friend, then your love relationship will become even closer. But there is no Love Star or Romantic Star appearing in 2010. Also, your career will make you a little busy. The chance of marriage is not that high.


Basically, the health of Horse people is fine in year of Tiger. But the Unlucky Star lets Horse people sometimes doubt about their heath in 2010. The highest chance for Horse people to be weak is from their heavy responsibility or pressure from their job. 

The Unlucky Star shows darkness and is unfavorable to Horse people. Therefore you shouldn't do overtime too often and then come home very late. Also, you should refuse invitations to join parties at night. If you can, don't visit sick people or attend a funeral.


Horse people have more good news than bad news in 2010. Career and money are major events to you. In career, you need to learn the leadership communication and management skills to build your people connections and career relationships. 

Then a job promotion or pay raise are possible. The money luck will come after the career's accomplishment. Meanwhile, you still need to focus on your moves all the time to prevent any mistakes caused by neglect. Otherwise your career or money prospect will dim in 2010. 

There is no strong love sign for single Horse people. But your good people relationship still open the opportunity for you. As long as you can make sure you have good health, 2010 will be a very good year to you.

Compatible Animal Signs with the Horse in the Year of the Tiger
Good - Ram (Goat), Tiger, Dog
Conflict - Rat, Monkey, Ox, Horse

P/S: My personal opinion is that; please do not be too fanatic or be too immersed about the horoscope. If it says that it will be a bad year for you, no reason to be all panicky and go find whatever solution you can find. Work hard with good attitude or if you are doing your own business, no reason to sulk but instead try to find ways to improve and make your business a success. Likewise if it is predicted to be a good year, there is no reason to slow down and wait for the fortune to come. It all depends on oneself and be positive at all times. It might work wonders. So there.

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