Sunday, November 15, 2009

4 Excellent Photoshop Tutorials Site For Beginners

Alright, I have jumped to the dark side. Even I resort to do the number listing post. OMG, the agony, the humiliation, the shame and ***fill in the blank with related vocab***.

However, this is for a good cause mmmmkay. Every now and then there are people asking yours truly on how the heck one get started on learning Photoshop and these are the types that have difficulties of even using Uncle Google to search for relevant tutorials.

Yours Truly tries to help by even trying to churn out some Photoshop tutorials but then it is sort of like a failure due to lack of updates. If you must know which failure tutorials then read the Photoshop Basics Part 1 and Photoshop Basics Part 2.

Hence, it would be better to just list out some tutorial sites that contains some excellent tutorials for beginners. Extremely handy for those beginners who wants to learn the basics and gradually move to a more advance level. The basics are important mmmmkay.

Thus, yours truly found 4 excellent Photoshop tutorials site that would be useful for beginners. Why limit to just 4? not 40? Well, simply put..... If there are 40 sites listed here it won't be that excellent now would it?

Lets move on to the 4 Excellent Photoshop Tutorials Site for Beginners shall we?


First up is PIXEL2LIFE. This tutorials site also contains a lot of other tutorials aside from Photoshop and is an excellent place to look for the basics of Photoshop or to a more advance Photoshop. Beginners to Photoshop would find that most of the tutorials on the basics of Photoshop are well suited for them and most of it are pretty much self explanatory. Excellent collections of Photoshop tutorials I would say for beginners to learn the basics and learn their way up to a more proficient level of usage.


Second up is GOOD TUTORIALS. Almost similar to Pixel2Life in the sense that Good Tutorials also have a collection of excellent Photoshop tutorials aside from other types of tutorials. Beginners can choose the categories of Photoshop tutorials that they want to learn from the basics to the more advanced level. Some might think that if this is similar to PIXEL2LIFE then why the heck should you all even want to look at the tutorials at Good Tutorials? Well, simply for the fact that one can never have enough knowledge or information. Learning is a lifelong process and there is no reason to limit thyself to just one channel. Aye?


Third up is TUTORIALIZED. Again, similar to Pixel2Life and Good Tutorials this site have a wide range of tutorials for everybody. From the basics of Photoshop to a more advance level of Photoshop. No need to explain why this extra similar site is needed since the explanation been done just now. All three tutorials site mentioned just now are similar in the sense there are categories for the tutorials which is excellent for beginners since they can actually go by the categories according to their level of Photoshop understanding.


Fouth up which is the last is PSDTUTS. PSDTUTS is actually a showcase of some of the best Photoshop tutorials out there. Not exactly for beginners but there are some tutorials that are easy to learn and would be a tremendous boost to beginners Photoshop understanding and techniques. Nothing beats having solid foundation in the basics but at times by learning to do the difficult, one might just learn faster. After learning the basics in the first 3 sites, PSDTUTS is definitely the place to go for further understanding/learning.

There, done with the listing of 4 excellent Photoshop tutorials site for beginners. As mentioned, by all means don't just stick to this 4 tutorials site. Learning is a lifelong process as mentioned and by learning from different channels you will gain different perspectives and that would be a boost to your own creativity and knowledge.

Use Google often to search for the types of tutorials you want. There is a reason why Google is so successful, go utilize it to your advantage. Search to your hearts content and learn as much as you can.

That is it for now.

Happy Photoshop-ing and Learning.


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