Tuesday, November 10, 2009

He Who Cooks

***Note: Seems like waking up early have its own perks. At least one of it is that the long forgotten blog can be updated. Not once but two post in one morning. Woot. I am on a roll here. Woot. Though the first post just now  can't really be considered a post but more to an announcement and greetings but heck, a post is a post.

Breakfast because he wakes up early and decided to make another post while eating the delicious and priceless breakfast he cooked just now.

And that post or rather this post is about the breakfast cooked by he who wakes up early. He Who Cooks cooks!!!!!!

Now, a continuation from the last post. After searching high and low for something to eat, He Who Wakes Up Early decided to cook himself. You know what I meant lah, of course not cooks himself as in he is the main ingredient.

So, He Who Wakes Up Early found some ingredients as the following and decided to make a masterpiece. A breakfast masterpiece that is.

By the way, this early breakfast is not halal mmmmkay.

On with the ingredients shall we?:

Bee Hun (Rice Noodles)

Tomato & Veggie


Pork Mushroom Sauce

There you have it. The ingredients.

And now, the results:

Fried Bee Hun (Fried Rice Noodle)

Veggie and Tomato Dish
(Looks can be deceiving. Ahem.)

Deep Fried Pork

Early breakfast by He Who Cooks aka He Who Wakes Up Early.

And oh,

Not forgetting the tea.

Green Tea

He Who Cooks aka He Who Wakes Up Early is more to a tea guy rather than a coffee guy.


Good Morning

Selamat Pagi


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