Friday, August 19, 2011

Insects Macro Photography - 30 Incredible Examples

There is a point when a photography enthusiast would try macro photography or maybe even they get started/hooked in photography by macro photography. Aye?

A lot of preparations are needed and not to mention the know-hows involved in taking incredible macro photos. The basis would be that you will need a macro lens and lots of luck. Ahem~~~

Anyway, today's post is brought to you by BenardCometh Revelations resident photographer. Lets call him Mr. Photography Guy shall we?

Of all macro photography, perhaps the most popular would be macro photography of insects. Yes, insects. Some of you might  be freaked out by insects but really when captured on camera, those little creatures are incredible. 

So, here's 30 incredible examples of insects macro photography. Please note that the pictures are sourced from Flickr and all credit goes to the owner of the photos. Please click on the photo's to go to the respective photos page. 

Want a drop?


Robber fly

Winged ant


strange beetle - leaf-rolling weevil

Brown Grasshopper nymph


Lixus angustatus

leaf hopper

Click beetle

Chinche verde (Nezara viridula) Ninfa joven


Nezara viridula Ninfa (Heteroptera: Pentatomidae).

Tortoise beetle

tiny fly

Soldier beetle

Spittle bug

Acrididae 5mm_Desktop

Grasshopper nymph

Chrysodema dalmanni

Long-legged fly

Even flies wear tux

十斑盤瓢蟲 Lemnia Bissellata

Belle face

Eucharitid wasp

Face de coccinelle

At the tip

busy bugs

How's that for the last photo?

Love is in the air~~~ No?


What do you think?

Do you think you are better at insects macro photography???

Take better macro pictures of em insects????

And with that ends the post for today.

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