Monday, August 1, 2011

FLAVOURS Curry Fish Head

Yours Truly noticed that there is a new eating establishment a while back and this is a brief post on that eating establishment. 

The new makan makan place is called FLAVOURS and their specialty is Curry Fish Head. Well, at least i think so since it is written so at the signboard.

On with the pictures:

 Butter Squid aka Sotong

 Shark Fin Soup 

 Sea Cucumber 

 Pork Ribs

Finally Curry Fish Head
(Won't be complete without it right? Since the signature dish is curry fish head)

So, the verdict?

Restaurant environment is not too bad. Decoration wise is nice.

The quality of the food is also ok. Recommendable. 

But the pricing is a bit on the high side as you can find food that is worth the money spent at other eating establishment in Kuching. 

Then again, the question of worth or not is very subjective. Aye?


6 revelations out of 10 revelations~~~

BenardCometh Revelations rating system yo~~~


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