Sunday, June 6, 2010

Hoi Tin Lau Restaurant Kuching

Not really sure whether there are other restaurants by the name Hoi Tin Lau or not in the world but what the heck, the title Hoi Tin Lau Restaurant Kuching for sure will straight away let people know that I am writing about a restaurant in Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia, Earth. I am just that considerate. Ahem~~.

Anyway, let's proceed.

Hoi Tin Lau Restaurant is a Chinese cuisine restaurant that I went to a while back. Only now got the chance to make a post about it. Since I don't have anything to post also anyway so might as well post something that I think is nice.

So, 12 of us went to have dinner at Hoi Tin Lau Restaurant the other day. It is located at Jalan Mendu. Just behind the  "Jin Sha" massage or maybe you will be more familiar with the 20 cents discount store. It used to be located at Grand Continental Hotel but have since moved to their present location at Jalan Mendu. Contact information at the end of the post. Again, I am just that considerate. Ahem~~~

On with the pictures. I ordered a total of 9 dishes for 10 persons portion.

 Butter Sotong aka Squid

 Midin Thai Style

 Mongolian Style Deer Meat

 Spinach Noodle 

 Sweet & Sour Fish


Winter Melon + Pork Ribs (Or maybe not ribs, but pork for sure)

If you passed your mathematics, you will notice that there is only picture of 7 dishes when earlier on I mentioned I ordered 9 dishes. If you did not notice that, then please go have some tuition on mathematics. Elementary level if you must. There is a perfectly reasonable explanation for that. 

The reason behind the lack of two dishes photo is that because yours truly have the important task of making sure everyone have eaten to their hearts' desire and not because of yours truly is a glutton and forget to take photo. Ahem~~~

Anyway, the last two dishes is the Fried Kailan and at the Mixed Vegetable with Lotus. Something like that if I remembered correctly.

The verdict?

Good food with reasonable pricing. Recommended if you are looking for somewhere to have dinner with your family since they have spacious place at the new location.

The total damages done for 9 dishes (10 persons portion) plus drinks are around RM300. Not bad, no?

You can also book and pre-order your dishes earlier if you like.

Hoi Tin Lau Restaurant's contact information is as the followings:

Telephone Number:
082-256328 or 016-8078118

GF Sublot F,9610,Section 64, KTLD,Panovel Commercial Centre, Jalan Mendu, 93300, Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia, Earth.

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