Monday, June 28, 2010

Crystal Fruit

*** Totally out of topic of this post... Just finished watching England vs Germany match..... Germany is the better team......They deserve the win....-End-

So, I got myself some weird fruit that I never set my eyes upon and have no knowledge at all about the fruit. Was told that the fruit is called "Sui Jing" Fruit by the seller. "Sui Jing" means Crystal or something similar I think, hence the title of the post. The outer skin/husk of the fruit is hard while the flesh inside is sweet and soft.

Anyway, a picture is worth a thousands words so let's have the pictures do the talking, aye?

"Crystal" Fruit

"Crystal" Fruit - Close up

The fruit cracked open revealing the flesh inside

The flesh of the fruit close up

The seed

There you have it, "Sui Jing Guo" or Crystal Fruit...

Maybe the fruit seller is pulling my leg as I tried to search online for Sui Jing Guo but to no avail.

If the two of you (total of two loyal readers who are still following BenardCometh Revelations after a period of absence) knows what is the actual name of this fruit, do tell and I will make corrections. Ahem.

Till then, it stays as Crystal Fruit. Ahem...~~~~


  1. looks juicy, but does it taste like mangosteen?

  2. Nux V: Erm, not really. Taste more like lychee.

  3. i found this fruit last weekend... the seller also said its' name is Buah Crystal. Maybe it's the same seller or maybe it is the fruits name...?

  4. Hi there, its name is matoa fruit-------

  5. Hey there, thanks a lot. =)


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